(Video Interviews) Lia Neal and Greg Meehan Relive Pac-12 Championship

Photo Courtesy: Swimming World TV

After Stanford wrapped up a Pac-12 conference championship Saturday night, senior Lia Neal and head coach Greg Meehan each took a few moments to talk with Swimming World about the significance of the title and to look ahead to the NCAA championships.

Neal spoke about what it’s like to win her first team championship at either the conference or national level since coming to Stanford and explained how this year felt different coming off an Olympic Games and knowing it was her last season in college. She also explained what it meant to swim the anchor leg of the 400 free relay and picked out her favorite moment of the meet.

Meehan previously had won a Pac-12 championship during his first season with Stanford in 2013, and he explained why this one felt so much different. He also described why Neal had meant so much to the growth of his program, assessed what went well for his team this week and explained why they did not jump into the pool to celebrate the victory.

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    Two excellent interviews.
    Spoken from experience, realizing growth and maturity, and spoken from the heart.
    Time to come home refocus and prepare for the next one=progress.

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    Johnny Lawerence

    Please. The guy inherited the best female swimmers ever. Greg happens to be at the right place at the right time, and as long as he remains at Stanford Greg will get already the most talented swimmers. Not convinced he is a great coach however. You couldnt screw up Ledecky or Simone if you tried.

    • avatar

      Are you kidding? Granted Simone and Katie are immensely talented, but have you noticed Simone’s progression since coming to Stanford, including Rio last summer? Or Maya Dirado after Meehan’s arrival? Did you see what Ally Howe and Janet Hu did at this meet, and look at how much they have improved? Or Ella Eastin piling up American records? It is really easy to take great coaches for granted. Meehan is easily one of the best coaches in the country.

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