Video Interviews: Joseph Schooling and Jack Conger Reflect on Journey to NCAA Title — Plus More

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Joseph Schooling and Jack Conger played different roles than expected on the final night of the men’s NCAA swimming championships. But both ended up jumping into the diving well after grasping the national championship trophy.

Schooling, surprisingly, was standing on the sidelines for the 200 fly after the two-time defending champion finished 37th, while Conger dominated the race and broke Schooling’s U.S. Open record.

After accepting their award, Schooling and Conger each reflected on the challenges of this season. Conger explained why he did not take a break after the Olympics and discussed coming back from his role in the messy gas station situation in Rio.

Conger has a chip on his shoulder, and Schooling discussed how he, too, has one after his disappointing junior NCAA meet. Schooling also explained the illness which derailed his meet, but he refused to make any excuses.

Watch their full video interview below.

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