(VIDEO INTERVIEW) Leah Smith Accidentally Checked into the Wrong Hotel at Golden Goggles

Photo Courtesy: Diana Pimer

Leah Smith chatted with the media on Monday night at the 2018 Golden Goggles Awards show in New York City about what she is wearing and her experience at the event thus far.

Smith also talked us through her red jumpsuit, and how her date, former Virginia swimmer Samantha James, was wearing green so they “looked like Christmas.”

Smith also told us a story where she thought the event was at a different hotel in the city, so she accidentally checked into the wrong hotel.

Smith is coming off a summer where she moved to Arizona to follow her coach Cory Chitwood to Tucson. She made her third straight World Championship team for next year where she will race the 400 and 800 free, as well as the 4×200 free relay.


Smith with her plus one, former Virginia swimmer Samantha James; Photo Courtesy: Diana Pimer