USA Swimming Withdraws Its Four Swimmers From 10K at World University Games

Photo Courtesy: Cathleen Pruden

Due to expected high air and water temperatures on race day, USA Swimming, the athletes and coaches came to a consensus that the four Americans scheduled to swim in the August 27 10-kilometer open water event at the 2017 World University Games in Taipei will not compete given the likely conditions.

USA Swimming would like to thank FISU and the local organizing committee for their diligent work on developing an excellent course and safety plan for the event.

As a sport, open water swimming presents a number of variables, including, in this instance, weather and water temperature. The safety of its athletes is USA Swimming’s No. 1 priority, and this decision was made after thorough examination of all available information.

The four swimmers who qualified for the World University Games – Katy Campbell, Becca Mann, Taylor Abbott and David Heron – earned the right to represent Team USA on the international stage based on their performances at the 2017 Open Water National Championships, and USA Swimming will examine future international competitive opportunities for these athletes.

The above press release courtesy of USA Swimming



  1. Michael Pollock

    How hot will the water/air temperature be?

    • Michael Pollock

      Michelle P Nicholos Well I can see that 84 for 10K plus air temp could be a might too warm.

  2. David Whelchel

    That’s a shame. But yes, the safety of the athletes is always first!

    Go Team USA!

  3. Jennifer Jensen Treat

    Always safety first. Thanks USA swimming to taking care of our athletes!

  4. Michelle P Nicholos

    The swimming community should never forget the tragic death of USA Open Water swimmer Fran Crippen, who died in 2010 during an Open Water competition due to excessively warm water temperatures.

    • Matt Seadog

      He died due to terrible lifeguarding

    • Michelle P Nicholos

      If it were terrible lifeguarding, why didn’t we hear more about investigations, law suits, etc…

    • Carole Machol-Atler

      Michelle P Nicholos partly because it was in another country

    • Mike McHenry

      The top end of that needs to be lowered quite a bit.

  5. Golda Marcus

    I knew Fran Crippen. Our colleges competed with each other. He was one of the greatest distance swimmers/open water swimmers of his time, but moreover, he was a good person. We don’t need to lose any more athletes due to high water temperature, or even poor water conditions. So thank you USA swimming for doing the right thing

    • Michelle P Nicholos

      “a good person” when I look at our swim team – thats what I see – character, and “good kids”…. it seems the strength, physical and mental, that swimming requires brings out the best in these athletes…. makes my heart happy to hear about Fran – thanks for sharing!!

  6. Matt Seadog

    If FINA could supply actual open water/ocean lifeguards with real rescue experience (bondi AUS, LA county, Jones Beach, Honolulu, etc) everyone would be a lot safer. The tragedy a few years back was 100% preventable.

  7. avatar
    Evan goldberg

    Is shipping to Belize possible?

    Please confirm and also if you accept VISA or MASTER CARD for payment for an international order.

    Evan goldberg

  8. Heather Malzahn Roff

    Murron Becca M makes the international stage and gets cancelled 😑

    • Margo Long Churchwell

      She just competed in 25k at Worlds and has been on the international stage for several years. She has yet to peak, coming off injury last year.

  9. Liz Kowalski

    Sad but we must remember safety should always be #1.

  10. Kate Ericsson

    Good call. But seriously, global warming.

  11. Chuck Yu

    They should have held the race on one of the mountain lakes. That would have been much cooler.

  12. Alexander B Gallant

    I agree Open Water is no joke. Error on the side of caution

  13. avatar

    Swimming a mile in anything above 75 degrees is tasking the cardiovascular system. Swimming a 10k in 84 is deadly. Congrats on the decision.

  14. avatar
    Nick b.

    Anyone know what the athletes wanted to do? Did they have a say in this decision? Just curious….

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