USA Swimming Announces 2018 Zone Select Camp Roster

Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

The rosters for the 2018 USA Swimming Zone Select Camp have been posted. Each zone will host 56 up-and-coming athletes during the summer months.


  • Central Zone: University of Cincinnati; Cincinnati, Ohio (May 24-27)
  • Southern Zone: University of Louisville; Louisville, Kentucky (May 24-27)
  • Western Zone: Arizona State University; Tempe, Arizona (May 31-June 3)
  • Eastern Zone: University of Virginia; Charlottesville, Virginia (June 7-June 10)

28 male and 28 female athletes are selected in each of the four Zones.
Selected girls must be age 12-13 at the time of performance.
Selected boys must be age 13-14 at the time of performance.

14 athletes of each sex are selected based on 2017 Long Course Meters (LCM) IMX point scores according to the following:
Seven girls age 12 and seven boys age 13
Seven girls age 13 and seven boys age 14

Then, the fastest swimmer in each Zone in each Long Course Meters (LCM) Olympic event (including the 800 and 1500 for both sexes) is invited for a total of 14 additional male and 14 additional female athletes. If a swimmer was already selected based on IMX score, the next fastest swimmer is selected in that event.

For full information, visit USA Swimming’s landing page.

Press release courtesy of USA Swimming.


  1. Joel Rittenhouse

    Congradulations to Jack Christian from PAY swimming

  2. Inge Hayes

    Congrats to Aiden Hayes from SSC, Ok

  3. Jennifer Cowenhoven

    So proud of and excited for Michael’s S70 teammate! Suzannah Whorf Rogers 🏊‍♂️😀

  4. Deanna Langenburg

    Suzanna Lee
    Erica Dixon
    Leigh Robbins Petersonn

  5. Brian Mezera

    Not one girl from Minnesota, give me a break.

  6. Kyle Coan

    Matt Whittle tbt

  7. Cyreen L Brahe

    Great Job to all the Swimmers, Go MVN, SCS🏊‍♂️

  8. Marissa Walsh

    Congrats Harleigh! Michelle

  9. David Blum

    Megan Harnish for the York Y!! Way to go!!

    • Shannon Phifer

      #yorkymca Way to go Meaghan!!!!

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    Wes Sykes

    9 boys from Texas, 10 boys from North Carolina, and only 5 boys from Florida. Give me a break!

  11. Kati Dawson

    Erin, your friend Maisey is on the list!! Congratulate her for me!

  12. Jason Cronk

    Way to go Micayla Cronk

  13. Nicole Green

    Congrats to all the swimmers!!

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    Shona Jarboe

    Congratulations Andrew Renninger!!!!

  15. Lisa Ward Johnson

    Congratulations Micayla Cronk! Good job!

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    Janet Seamon

    Congratulations Morgan Rodriguez. Way to Geaux!

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    Vicki Marsh

    Congrats to Gabe Machado from the Boise Y Swim Team!!
    Hard work pays off!!!