UPDATED: Sydney Pickrem “Took On Water” During 200 IM Final

Photo Courtesy: Rob Schumacher-USA TODAY Sports

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Canada’s Sydney Pickrem stopped after 50 meters of the 200 IM final at the FINA World Championships. She had been the No. 3 seed heading into finals but got out of the water after the butterfly leg.

Swimming Canada tweeted that Pickrem is “fine,” but no further details have been released yet.

Swimming Canada is expected to release an update on the situation shortly, and Swimming World will update this story with any new information.


Swimming Canada released the following statement on why Pickrem stopped during the race and exited the pool,

“Canada had another finalist in Sydney Pickrem, who entered the 200-m individual medley as the No. 3 seed. Approaching the wall on the first turn, Pickrem took on water. Unfortunately it inhibited her to the point where she wasn’t able to continue in the race. Pickrem will take time working with her coaches and support staff and refocus and re-prepare before Sunday’s 400-m IM prelims.” – Swimming Canada


    • Joe Stott

      Shaheen Alghofari swallowed

    • Shaheen Alghofari

      Well they could have said swallowed couldn’t they Joe Stott she’d fail open water

  1. Ann M Cooper

    It’s okay Sydney! Re-group – you are a champ!😌

  2. avatar

    Glad all is good and now on to the next race..;) Go Sydney…!!!! <3

  3. Sidney, as Parents of your College teammate Monika, we have felt this very hard on all of us Aggies, but rest assured that your capacity to remain a champion is untouched and look forward to challenge lady luck next Sunday and go for the best time result of your life!!!!