TYR Pro Series: Simone Manuel Clocks 24.70 to Best Field in 50 Freestyle


TYR Pro Series: Simone Manuel Clocks 24.70 to Best Field in 50 Freestyle

In a nation as stacked as the United States, there are only a handful of athletes have created considerable separation from their fellow competitors. Count Simone Manuel in that category, as the Stanford product – over the past five years – has established herself as America’s premier sprinter.

On the final night of the TYR Pro Series stop in San Antonio, Manuel comfortably won the 50-meter freestyle, going 24.70 for the only sub-25 performance of the evening. Manuel’s triumph complemented a victory earlier in the meet in the 100 freestyle. This week has marked Manuel’s first competition in a year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Manuel was followed in second place by fellow 2016 Olympic Abbey Weitzeil (25.00) while Poland’s Kasia Wasick was third in 25.12.

Aside from the speed display Manuel has become known for, the 24-year-old has etched herself as one of the most-clutch swimmers in the sport. En route to her Olympic gold and back-to-back world championships in the 100 freestyle, Manuel was never the favorite, but on each occasion came through under pressure. The same can be said for her world crown in the 50 freestyle at the 2019 World Champs. Obviously, her clutch trait fits perfectly for global competitions and must be appreciated.

Manuel said that while she was not terribly pleased with the time, she was happy with some of the technical aspects of her swim that she’s been working on.

“I would’ve liked to swim faster,” Manuel said during a virtual mixed zone via Zoom. “I’m always going to think that. I think I have some goal times at this meet that I wanted to hit that I didn’t quite hit. But I think there’s a lot of positives that I can take from this meet. I haven’t been to a meet during COVID and that’s a different experience than I’m used to. Obviously we’re used to masks and everything, but just showing up and all the elements that come with swimming during COVID. You don’t have fans, the atmosphere is a little different, so that’s something that takes a little bit of adjustment. Having to get to and from the hotel, that’s something I haven’t had to do for a year. These are things you kind of take for granted, but when you don’t have it, you realize that it’s something that is so normal and essential to getting prepared for swim meets.

“It’s just nice to go through that routine, and that is something that I think is a positive. I’ll be more prepared when we get to Mission Viejo.”

In the men’s 50 freestyle, Italian Santo Condorelli, who formerly represented Canada on the international stage, took top honors in 22.49, slightly quicker than the 22.56 of Nathan Adrian and the 22.57 of Bowe Becker.

 Event 23  Women 50 LC Meter Freestyle
        World: W 23.67  7/29/2017 Sarah Sjostrom, SWE
     American: A 23.97  7/30/2017 Simone Manuel, USA
    U.S. Open: O 24.08  6/1/2019  Pernille Blume, DEN
     Jr World: J 24.33  9/15/2017 Rikako Ikee, JPN
     Pro Swim: P 24.17  2016      Sarah Sjostrom
                 25.65  W-II Oly Trials Wave II
                 25.99  W-I Oly Trials Wave I
    Name            Age Team              Prelims     Finals       Points 
                            === A - Final ===                            
  1 Simone Manuel    24 Alto Swim Club      25.06      24.70        
  2 Abbey Weitzeil   24 California Aquat    24.99      25.00        
  3 *Kasia Wasick    28 Una TRA/UNLV        24.92      25.12        
  4 Linnea Mack      25 Team Elite          25.45      25.24        
  5 Casey Fanz       22 Cardinal Aquatic    25.62      25.40        
  6 Alyssa Marsh     23 Team Elite          25.72      25.43        
  7 Julie Meynen     23 Unattached          25.77      25.50        
  8 *Anika Apostalo  26 Irvine Novaquati    25.63      25.61        

 Event 24  Men 50 LC Meter Freestyle
        World: W 20.91  12/18/2009Cesar Cielo Filho, BRA
     American: A 21.04  7/27/2019 Caeleb Dressel, USA
    U.S. Open: O 21.14  7/9/2009  Cesar Cielo, Auburn/BRA
     Jr World: J 21.75  8/25/2017 Michael Andrew, USA
     Pro Swim: P 21.51  3/7/2020  Caeleb Dressel, Gator Swim Club-
                 22.71  W-II Oly Trials Wave II
                 23.19  W-I Oly Trials Wave I
    Name            Age Team              Prelims     Finals       Points 
                            === A - Final ===                            
  1 *Santo Condorel  26 The Dolphins Por    22.70      22.49        
  2 Nathan Adrian    32 Una CAL             22.50      22.56        
  3 Bowe Becker      23 Sandpipers Of Ne    22.89      22.57        
  4 Ryan Held        25 New York Athleti    23.01      22.64        
  5 Justin Ress      23 Wolfpack Elite      22.79      22.65        
  6 Payton Sorenson  27 Unattached          22.85      22.72        
  7 Zach Apple       23 Mission Viejo Na    22.71      22.79        
  8 Dean Farris      23 Veritas Swimming    22.96      22.81        

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