Tyler Clary Breaks Down Open-Heart Surgery on Inside With Brett Hawke Podcast


Tyler Clary Breaks Down Open-Heart Surgery on Inside With Brett Hawke Podcast

In the 199th episode of the Inside with Brett Hawke Podcast, Olympic champion Tyler Clary joined the host, a two-time Australian Olympian, and discussed the recent open-heart surgery he underwent. Clary had to have the procedure to repair a problematic aortic valve, as his heart was leaking significantly. For every pint of blood his heart tried to pump, half was flowing backward.

During his discussion with Hawke, Clary provided a comprehensive summary of his medical situation, ranging from how he learned of his diagnosis to what the surgery entailed. The specific nature of Clary’s explanation was not only enlightening but reflected an individual who was willing to pay attention to every detail on the way to becoming a world-class performer and Olympic champion.

Clary, a University of Michigan product, captured the gold medal in the 200-meter backstroke at the 2012 Olympic Games in London. The victory arrived over silver medalist Ryosuke Irie of Japan and bronze medalist Ryan Lochte, who was the defending champion and favorite in the event. Amazingly, Clary won that Olympic title while working with a heart that was operating at just 70% of its normal efficiency.

Although his heart was less than optimal, Clary contested some of the most difficult events in the sport. Aside from racing the 200 backstroke, Clary was a regular on the United States National Team in the 400 individual medley and 200 butterfly.

Here is the full interview between Clary and Hawke.


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