Two Alabama Swimmers Collide in Warm-ups at Auburn Invitational

Photo Courtesy: Alabama Athletics

Two Alabama swimmers collided in the warm-up pool at the Auburn Invitational on Thursday night, according to a report from WBRL News. At least one of the swimmers was apparently practicing a relay exchange and then ran head-on into a teammate after diving into the pool.

According to a spokesperson for the University of Alabama, “Both were treated in area hospitals and have been released. Neither will compete this weekend, but they are expected to make a complete recovery.”

One of the swimmers was flown out to the hospital, according to the WBRL report. The names of the two swimmers were not released.

Read more from WBRL here.


  1. Ashish Jha

    ? KASY HO Swimming World ?

  2. Susan Green

    Been there done that. Not fun. Glad they will be OK.

  3. MK Mahoney

    You always wonder. Warm-ups can be very dangerous

    • avatar
      Tamara Jacobson

      Embarassing? Wow, aren’t you compassionate

  4. Eddie Ring

    Did the same at age 12. Pushed off into an 18 year old with a full head of steam. Probably had a mild concussion. But in 1988 we didn’t know much about concussions. I had a big bruise/knot on my forehead for almost 2 months.

  5. Rachel Nosbisch Johnson

    Jim Lawson Bill Saxton didn’t this happen at one of our DMSF meets at Dowling? I’m pretty sure it involved Tami DenOtter & someone else doing the exact same thing!

    • Bill Saxton

      I don’t remember that but I remember a CRAA swimmer swimming the mile with starts at both ends that started circle swimming. Needless to say, she ran into the Omaha swimmer. Jack Jackson wasn’t a very happy camper.

  6. Brian Kellar

    As a coach and an official unfortunately I’ve seen this too often. Unsupervised warmups especially when lanes which over to one way starts.

  7. Luz Ramos-Geary

    Brian Kellar, it happened to my daughter. It took her almost 6 months to recover from the concussion. We switched to another swim team. No excuse. Too many kids in a lane.

    • Brian Kellar

      I hope she is doing well now. You are right there is no excuse

    • Luz Ramos-Geary

      Brian Kellar, she still has headaches at times. Plus that loss of training time really hurt her in high school swim. It is a live and learn experience for both of us. Her swim coach now is very responsible. Back then my daughter had 2 young coaches and they were more concerned about looking at tgeir phone than coaching. I have a friend who’s son was seriously hurt in a warm up. That young man has missed school and cannot swim or do any sport. Darn shame.

    • Brian Kellar

      As a coach I had to be certified every 2 years in Concu

    • Brian Kellar

      Concussion protocol that is NYC Public HS . There is nothing more important than safety. The health and wellbeing of our student athletes. As a coach it is good to set routines. Example: all of my swimmers knew it was always a feet first entry unless we were practicing starts

    • Luz Ramos-Geary

      Brian Kellar, you sound like a great coach. As a nurse and mother I appreciate that you went through the concussion education protocol. They do that here in Maryland (high schools) but I am not sure if the competitive swim teams go through that important education.

  8. Tom Pollock

    Brandon Haley Liz Racette Haley ?

  9. Clayton Jimmie

    Zane Waddell Laurent Bams hope it wasn’t you two clowns… hope you gents are good?miss ya