Troy Dumais Wins 38th Career National Diving Title

Aug 7, 2012; London, United Kingdom; Troy Dumais (USA) performs his dive at the men's 3m springboard semifinal during the London 2012 Olympic Games at Aquatics Centre. Mandatory Credit: Rob Schumacher-USA TODAY Sports

COLUMBUS – Troy Dumais (Ventura, Calif./Austin, Texas) won his 38th career national title with a victory on 3-meter Saturday at the USA Diving Winter National Championships in Columbus, Ohio, while Jessica Parratto (Dover, N.H./Bloomington, Ind.) captured the women’s 10-meter gold medal. Olympic silver medalist Abby Johnston (Upper Arlington, Ohio/Durham, N.C.) and Laura Ryan (Elk River, Minn./Athens, Ga.) won women’s synchronized 3-meter, and Toby Stanley (Conway, Ark./Pendleton, Ind.) and Jordan Windle (Morrisville, N.C.) took gold in men’s synchronized 10-meter.

Dumais scored 1348.30 points to edge silver medalist Darian Schmidt (Bloomington, Ind.) by 13.05 points for gold. Michael Hixon (Amherst, Mass./Bloomington, Ind.) was third with 1300.75 points.

Dumais led Schmidt by 38.20 points heading into the fifth round of the finals, when both divers were performing a front 4 ½ tuck. The 4 1/2 is a dive that Schmidt regularly competes, but Saturday was the first time Dumais had competed the dive. Schmidt scored 91.20 points on the dive, while Dumais missed his for 57 points to cut his lead to four points heading into the final round. Schmidt closed out his list with 74.25 points on his reverse 2 ½ with 1 ½ twists, and Dumais countered with 83.30 points on a front 2 ½ with 2 twists to secure the victory.

“Win lose or draw, the whole idea is that for 2016, I need the front 4 ½. I got a bad hurdle today. I came here to do the dive, put it in my list and see how I react. I did a great list other than the 4 ½, so it’s a learning lesson,” Dumais said.

Parratto secured her first individual national title in a close contest with 2013 champion Samantha “Murphy” Bromberg, with Parratto finishing with 1027.15 points to top Bromberg by 1.45 points. Amy Cozad (Indianapolis, Ind.) scored 1008.55 points for the bronze.

Parratto led after three rounds in the finals but missed her fourth-round armstand back triple somersault for just 41.25 points to drop to third place while Bromberg moved into the lead after 81.60 points on her inward 3 ½ tuck. Parratto came back strong in the final round, retaking the lead with 81.60 points on a back 2 ½ with 1 ½ twists, while Bromberg scored just 57.60 points on that same dive.

“I started with 3-meter synchro, so it was kind of a long day, but it was actually really fun. That’s the first time I’ve had two finals in one day. On platform, my first few dives were great, but it was a little rough in the middle. I really wanted to secure my spot at the end and really nail that back twister, and I’m really glad I did,” said Parratto, who added a 3-meter synchro silver to go along with her individual 10-meter gold.

Johnston captured the synchro national title in her return to her hometown after scoring 597.30 points over two lists of dives with Ryan to grab the 3-meter synchro title. The pair led by three points after Friday’s preliminaries and broke open their lead with three solid optional dives in Saturday’s final, scoring 69.30 points on a back 2 ½ pike, 71.10 points on an inward 2 ½ pike and 70.20 points on their front 2 ½ with 2 twists.

“This is my first national title with Laura. We brought it together at the last minute because we’ve both been really busy and haven’t had a lot of training this fall, but we naturally dive very similar. It’s great that it turned out the way it did,” said Johnston, who just finished her first term of medical school.

Parratto and Deidre Freeman (Grinnell, Iowa/Iowa City, Iowa) were second at 563.40, while Amanda Burke (Southampton, Pa./State College, Pa.) and Ariel Rittenhouse (Santa Cruz, Calif.) scored 556.20 points for the bronze.

Toby Stanley and Jordan Windle scored 782.46 points to capture their first national title together in synchronized 10-meter. Tarek Abdelghany (Ladera Ranch, Calif./Stanford, Calif.) and Brandon Loschiavo (Huntington Beach, Calif.) took silver with 709.74 points. Stanley also competed with Mark Anderson (Lake Forest, Calif./Austin, Texas), scoring 674.04 points for the bronze.

“It’s been really exciting diving with Toby. We had a lot of fun together. We’re new partners, but it’s working out so far. Hopefully we can go a long way together,” Windle said.

The USA Diving Winter National Championships conclude Sunday, December 21 with finals in women’s synchronized 10-meter, men’s synchronized 3-meter, women’s individual 3-meter and men’s individual 10-meter.


Synchronized men’s platform final
1. Jordan Windle (Duke Diving) / Toby Stanley (RipFest), 728.46;2. Brandon Loschiavo (Mission Viejo) / Tarek Abdelghany (Stanford Diving), 709.74;3. Mark Anderson (Longhorn Aquatics) / Toby Stanley (RipFest), 674.04

Synchronized women’s 3-meter final
1. Abby Johnston (Unattached) / Laura Ryan (Georgia Diving Club), 597.30;2. Deidre Freeman (Unattached) / Jessica Parratto (Unattached), 563.40;3. Ariel Rittenhouse (Stanford Diving) / Amanda Burke (Penn State Diving), 556.20;4. Emma Ivory-ganja (Longhorn Aquatics) / Maren Taylor (Longhorn Aquatics), 536.10;5. Haley Allen (City of Midland) / Olivia Rosendahl (Trojan Dive Club), 528.72;6. Mackenzie Willborn (GC Diving) / Emily Grund (GC Diving), 515.13;7. Brooke Schultz (RipFest) / Sarah Bacon (RipFest), 490.80;8. Meghan Houston (Longhorn Aquatics) / Michole Timm (North Carolina Diving), 490.50;9. Taylor Pamplin (Mission Viejo) / Eszter Pryor (Ohio State Diving Club), 478.32;10. Maria Lohman (Pitt Aquatic Club) / Meme Sharp (Unattached), 473.10;11. Lauren Callin (Mizzou Diving) / Kendra Kieser (Mustangs in the Sun, Inc.), 445.38;12. Kelly Markle (Stanford Diving) / Alexandra Clay (Stanford Diving), 437.40

Men’s 3-meter final
1. Troy Dumais (Longhorn Aquatics), 1348.30;2. Darian Schmidt (Unattached), 1335.25;3. Michael Hixon (Unattached), 1300.75;4. Kristian Ipsen (Stanford Diving), 1277.85;5. Steele Johnson (Purdue University), 1245.25;6. Jamie Bissett (Purdue University), 1210.45;7. Jakob (jb) Kolod (Unattached), 1197.80;8. Bryce Klein (Unattached), 1181.50;9. Zachary Nees (Unattached), 1165.85;10. Jack Nyquist (North Carolina Diving), 1154.35;11. Mark Anderson (Longhorn Aquatics), 1111.90;12. Ryan Hawkins (H2okie Aquatics), 1078.30;13. Connor Kuremsky (Unattached), 1047.50

Women’s 10-meter final
1. Jessica Parratto (Unattached), 1027.15;2. Samantha Bromberg (Longhorn Aquatics), 1025.70;3. Amy Cozad (Indiana University Dive Club), 1008.55;4. Haley Ishimatsu (University of Southern California), 926.50;5. Victoria Lamp (Schroeder Diving Team), 924.15;6. Delaney Schnell (Tucson Diving Team), 921.65;7. Mai Nakagawa (RipFest), 904.40;8. Gracia Leydon-mahoney (Unattached), 898.50;9. MacKenzie Tweardy (Purdue University), 881.60;10. Katrina Young (Florida State University Diving Team), 880.00;11. Cassie Weil (Unattached), 872.75;12. Kara Mccormack (Unattached), 815.15;13. Olivia Rosendahl (Unattached), 775.15

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