Towson’s Reagan Martin: Strong Swimmer, Stronger Person

Reagan Martin

Towson’s Reagan Martin: Strong Swimmer, Stronger Person

The Towson University swim team prides itself in being a close-knit group, like a lot of swim teams do.  When something happens to one of us, good or bad, we all feel it.  On July 12th, one of our own, Reagan Martin, was in a diving accident.  After being rushed to the hospital and then flown to a trauma center in Greenville, N.C, she went through five hours of surgery.  Following the surgery, Reagan and her family were told she had a broken vertebra pressing on her spinal cord.  Along with undergoing multiple procedures to help her breathe, Reagan still has no feeling from her chest down.  

I want to take this opportunity to truly talk about who Reagan is, and why even if you do not know her, you should take the time out of your day to pray for her, donate to her family, or even just learn about her. 

Reagan came in this past year as a freshman, determined to be successful.  I quickly noticed this, since she swims the same events as me.  If you’re training alongside Reagan, you’re working hard to keep up with her the entire practice.  She is competitive, driven, and goal-oriented.  I remember in the very beginning of the year, after a long and tiring practice, our coach offered a “get-out” swim, allowing us to weasel our way out of doing the last set of the day.  Reagan had the best practice, so she was pretty much nominated to do it.  Somehow in the middle of a miserable two hour practice, she swam close to a best time in the 200 back, letting us finish practice early.  Everyone cheered and I still remember it because the rest of us were just trying to catch our breath, yet she managed to pull that off perfectly fine.  This was the first week of her being on the team, so I could already tell what kind of swimmer she was.  This determination stuck with her throughout the entire season.   

Aside from swimming, Reagan is classy, intelligent, and an all-around sweet girl.  Her bubbly personality is always good company.  The first person to reach out when something good happens for someone else is Reagan, having learned this from experience.  She is such a great teammate and friend to all of us here at Towson. 

Every day there are new challenges ahead for Reagan, and she can use all the love and support she can get.  She was just recently transferred to the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, GA, a national leader in spinal cord care and research.  This is a big step, but just the beginning.  Being the strong person she is, our team knows Reagan will get through this, but encouragement from others will help her with the process.

If you would like to donate to help Reagan and her family get through this difficult time and pay for medical expenses, here is the link to a GoFundMe page. 

If you would like to send Reagan a card, the address is:

2020 Peachtree Rd NW

Room 509

Atlanta, Ga 30309



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    My daughter swam with Reagan on their club team, Marlins of Raleigh, and you have definitely captured her spirit and the person that she is! Everyone she has ever known is praying for her and knows she and her awesome family will get through this!

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    Jeanne Berry

    Praying For Reagan🙏🏻❣️

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    Carol Galloway

    Prayers for Reagan and her family.

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    Praying for you

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    Bonnie Phillips

    Reagan Lynn is my Granddaughter. She is all this and more. We need much prayers for Reagan and the whole family. Love you Reggers.

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    Lorraine House

    Wow! Reagan, keep being the fighter you are!! God is our Great Physician and can heal you!! Stay focused on Him and keep on keepin on! Will be praying for you and your family.

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    Coach Silver

    Reagan is a great teammate and leader. She is indeed a strong young lady and there is no quit in her or her family. They are the best. Stay strong Reagan.

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    I heard about her accident by friends.
    It makes me very sad. I have prayed for
    Her and will continue to pray for her. I do not have
    Money to donate Prayer is powerful
    May God be with her and bless her and heal her
    In love. Faye Downs

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    Prayers for a speedy recovery.

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