Townley Haas Runs Down Jack Cartwright As USA Fires Back In Men’s 4×200 Free Relay

Photo Courtesy: SIPA USA

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It was almost a mirror image of the women’s 4×200 free relay earlier in the night. Australia had the lead on the United States and it was up to the American anchor to try and catch the Australians over the last 200. Katie Ledecky could not quite catch Maddie Groves in the women’s relay. But in the men’s relay, Townley Haas successfully swam down Jack Cartwright of Australia and the United States won its first relay gold medal of the 2018 Pan Pacific Swimming Championships in Tokyo.

The Americans won the gold medal in 7:04.36 with Andrew Seliskar (1:46.75), Blake Pieroni (1:47.63), Zach Apple (1:46.20) and Haas (1:43.78). The Australians put up a valiant effort in second as they got the silver with Clyde Lewis (1:46.54), Kyle Chalmers (1:46.73), Alexander Graham (1:45.91) and Jack Cartwright (1:45.52) at 7:04.70.

Haas’s split is one of the fastest all-time. Sun Yang has been a 1:43.16 and Yannick Agnel has been a 1:43.24. Based off of a quick internet search, Haas is roughly third all-time in splits with his 1:43.78, moving ahead of James Guy’s 1:43.80 from last year.

Japan was a distant third at 7:08.07 with Naito Ehara (1:47.28), Reo Sakata (1:47.07), Yuki Kobori (1:48.41) and Katsuhiro Matsumoto (1:45.31).

Brazil (7:11.65) and Canada (7:18.25) also competed in the final.

Both the United States and Australia beat Great Britain’s winning time from Europeans earlier this week.

2018 World Rankings:

  1. United States, 7:04.36
  2. Australia, 7:04.70
  3. Great Britain, 7:05.32
  4. Russia, 7:06.66
  5. Italy, 7:07.58
  6. Japan, 7:08.07
  7. Germany, 7:09.31
  8. Brazil, 7:11.65

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    • Brad Boelter

      Jeff Kaminski thanks. Quite a swim.

    • Brett Davies

      But the Americans should not have been in this mess both Seliskar and Pieroni swam way below their best.