Tokyo 2020 Mascots Revealed

Photo Courtesy: International Olympic Committee

The mascots for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in two and a half years have been unveiled by the International Olympic Committee. The mascots were reviewed from December 11 to February 22 by 6.5 million schoolchildren in Japan, with each class at every primary school in the country casting one vote in favor of their favorite set. The names have still yet to be decided, as the selection panel will decide on names in either July or August.

“I am really excited that we are getting closer to unveiling our official mascots,” said Ryohei Miyata, the Chair of the Tokyo 2020 Mascot Selection Panel. “We decided to encourage children to participate in the preparations for the Tokyo 2020 Games by having them select the mascots, as our children represent a future that Tokyo 2020 wants to embody through the Games.

“We hope that many schools and classes will take this opportunity to help shape the Games,” he added.

A total of 205,755 classrooms at 16,769 elementary schools in Japan took part in selecting the designs according to NBC News. The winning set received 109,041 votes.

The mascots were designed by Ryo Taniguchi, who graduated as an art major from Cabrillo College in California.


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