Three-Year-Old Drowns at Swim School in San Antonio

Photo Courtesy: Cathleen Pruden

A 3-year-old boy drowned over the weekend at a swim school in San Antonio after his parents left him at the school during its “date night” program, according to a report from San Antonio Hatch.

The report states that the child, Mitchell Chang, was found underwater in the deep end of the Love to Swim School’s pool, and CPR was performed before he was taken to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Police called the death a “tragic accident” and will not file charges. Hatch also included a statement from Love to Swim School.

“The Love to Swim School ownership, staff and families are devastated by the accident that occurred during Date Night Open Swim at our Stone Oak facility on Saturday evening, February 10, 2018. All our thoughts and prayers are with the family. Our hearts are heavy with grief. We will use all information gathered by the San Antonio Police Department, and our internal review, to make sure nothing like this can ever happen again. Teaching children to be safer in the water is the reason we exist and our ongoing mission. We will issue a further statement as our investigation yields.”

Read the full report by clicking here.


  1. Jackie Sun

    How sad 😔

  2. Therese McAdams

    Terrifying! I feel so bad for that family

  3. Thomas A. Small

    Really sad God Bless the family and the child

  4. Kelly Howell

    I am a huge advocate for safe swimming but it appears the minimum age limit needs to be raised on a program like that to 7 and the ability to pass a swim test. Devastating.

  5. Jim Bowser

    Where the hell were the parents? I am around pools all the time. You don’t take your eyes out a 3 year old. And, people in charge should be in close proximity to small children.

    • Shawn Cowper Daniels

      In the article it says the child was left at the swim school on “date night” which I assume is a supervised baby sitting situation

    • avatar

      Read the article again…The Love to Swim School held an event on that Saturday night, “Date Night for Parents” The parent’s were on a DATE! The staff at the Swim School were responsible for the children that evening as parent’s enjoyed a date night out. The staff were responsible for the children in their care. Perhaps understaffed or a door left unlocked to the pool area but the checks and balances were not working obviously and the Swim School’s system failed causing the death of a precious three year old boy. God bless these parent’s, may God be holding them closely as they try to figure out their new life without their baby.