Thirteen-Year-Old Claire Tuggle Swims 1:44 200 Free

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 7.51.03 PM
Photo Courtesy: Clovis Swim Club

Claire Tuggle stole the show on night three of the 2018 NCSA Junior National Championships in Orlando, Fla.

The 13-year-old from Clovis Swim Club cruised to first place in the women’s 200 free, stopping the clock in a blistering 1:44.96. That time is the 39th fastest time swum this year in any age group.

Her swim ranks her second all-time for the 13-14 age group behind Missy Franklin’s 1:44.55 set back in 2010. Tuggle, who only turned 13 in mid-July, will still have plenty of time to chase down that record.

Tuggle is the current NAG record holder in both the 10 & Under and 11-12 200 and 500 free, as well as the 11-12 200 IM for short course. In long course, she holds the marks for 10 & Under 400 free and 11-12 200 and 400 free.


  1. Nicole Kukral

    Saw her break the 11-12 LCM 200 free. It was an incredible swim!

    • Nicole Kukral

      Nathan Balsillie It was a 2:02 low, I believe. My daughter was swimming the same event in the same lane and following heat at the meet (Clovis Summer Slam). She got a front row seat!

    • Nicole Kukral

      EVERYONE in the stands was cheering for Claire, regardless of their team. It was a cool moment.

    • Nicole Kukral

      Just looked it up on Meet Mobile. 2:02.21

  2. Nate Duncan

    Matt Stinar Michael Duncan Alex Ingulsrud

    • Michael Duncan

      Just crazy….the girls are really getting it done lately

  3. Rachel Renteria

    Stacey Bettencourt Reyna Clarke

  4. Gavin Pruitt

    Dang! And I was pretty proud of my 2:01 in college…

  5. Alex Plaetzer

    Kaitlin Bayliss we are such scrubs

  6. Brandon Simpson

    13 year old goes 1:44… but let’s not have 12 year olds have tech suits… see the problem everyone… ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL

  7. Tim Allen


    • Ed VanZandt

      That’s crazy!!! Wow!

  8. Kim Bauman

    Incredible! Danell Ross…. remember seeing her at JO’s in Fresno!

    • Danell Ross

      Yes!! I was just reading this.

  9. Gloria Graham

    Madison Keightley Nathan Balsillie

    • Paraglyder Yuen

      Basically @ everyone at meet of champs too

    • Irena Pavlović

      Paraglyder Yuen 💀💀 they just keep getting faster and faster DAMN

  10. Reyna Clarke

    I am so glad I see this girl swim for JO. Great job Claire

  11. Taryn Capper

    Well done 👏👏👏

  12. Mandolin Huynh

    Han Nguyen 1:44 for a 200 😧

    • Han Nguyen

      Is that god?

  13. Dori Negri

    Non è vero. Il record mondiale è di Federica Pellegrini con 1.52.98 in vasca lunga, in vasca corta il record mondiale e di Sara Sjöström.

    • Dori Negri

      Ok. Ma non era specificato. Comunque ,il nuoto americano ha tutta la mia ammirazione.

  14. Julia Hogg

    Aliesha Mitchell nice

  15. Robert Burke

    Cal Arnold alright last one lol

    • Jim Sharp

      Unreal! That is an amazing swim!

  16. Ashley Johnson

    Brittany Kaela Steever 👀 oh my goodness

    • Brittany Kaela Steever

      Holy wow😱 that’s insanely fast! Especially for a 13 yo lol lort.

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    Dave Steele

    Great job Claire! Your awesome girl in and out of the pool 😊🏊‍♀️
    Coach Steele-GR