The Swimming Drill Book – 2nd Edition Now Available With Free Shipping

Swimming Drill Book
Best Selling Book By Ruben Guzman

In the afterglow of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, the sport’s ‘popularity has never been higher, propelling coaches and swimmers to seek instruction to gain a competitive edge and take their performance to the next level.

That’s where this new edition of The Swimming Drill Book delivers. Written by Ruben Guzman, a 40-year coaching veteran, the second edition provides 176 drills designed to systematically improve every aspect of a competitive swimmer’s skills. The first edition quickly became the best-selling drill book in the sport. Now, this second edition ups the ante with more drills, new variations, and expanded coverage to help every swimmer.

Whether they are beginners or national-level athletes, swimmers can develop smoother technique, greater strength and endurance, and faster times by using the information in The Swimming Drill Book. The drills are designed to refine strokes, correct faults, and improve swimmers’ feel for the water; these drills include detailed illustrations demonstrating correct technique.

In addition to covering all four competitive strokes-freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly-detailed chapters on body position, sculling, starts, turns, and finishes are featured.

This second edition includes all new chapters dedicated to strength band workouts (which can be performed poolside) and open-water drills, which triathletes will especially appreciate. Plus, readers will use the helpful drill finder feature to identify the drills needed to design a comprehensive form-improvement program.

More than 175 drills, accompanied by detailed illustrations, will help coaches and swimmers master every skill. Drills for strokes, starts, turns, and finishes, as well as for buoyancy and body balance, breathing and kicking, and sculling, are bolstered by new chapters on poolside strength training and open-water swimming.

This book is now available at Swimming World for only $23.95 and includes Free Shipping!

Swimming Drill Book

Photo Courtesy: Human Kinetics

The Swimming Drill Book Contents- 368 pages

  • Drill Finder
  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Introduction

Part I:  Fundamental Drills
Chapter 1 Body Position and Buoyancy
Chapter 2 Breathing and Kicking
Chapter 3 Sculling

PART II:  Stroke Drills
Chapter 4 Backstroke
Chapter 5 Freestyle
Chapter 6 Breaststroke
Chapter 7 Butterfly
Chapter 8 Open-Water Swimming Drills

PART III: Starts, Turns, Finishes, and Strengthening
Chapter 9 Starts
Chapter 10 Freestyle and Backstroke Turns
Chapter 11 Other Turns and Finishes
Chapter 12 Strength Band Exercises