The Dog Days of Summer: USA Swimmers and Their Pets

Photo Courtesy: Instagram, @floydthebulldawg

By McKenna Ehrmantraut, Swimming World College Intern.

Whomever said kneeskins were a swimmers best friend never owned a pet. Whether it be a dog, cat, turtle, horse or llama, animals have been shown to reduce stress and bring smiles to peoples faces. USA Swimmers are notorious for sharing their love of their pets on social media.

Here are twelve of our favorite Insta-famous furry friends.

Nathan Adrian's Cat

Photo Courtesy: Instagram, @nathangadrian

1. Ash and his best friend, Nathan Adrian.

Anyone who follows Adrian on Instagram can see the love he has for his adorable cat Ash. Between his jungle walk videos and pictures of him splattered on the couch, Adrian’s followers have fallen in love with his furry friend.

Check out the adventures of Ash on Adrian’s Instagram by clicking this link: nathangadrian.


Baker and Charlie

Photo Courtesy: Instagram, @charlie_n_company

2. Charlie and his mom, Kathleen Baker.

Charlie the dog loves long walks along the beach and sitting on top of Baker at any chance he gets. Charlie’s dashing good looks garnered him his own Instagram account, charlie_n_company.

Check out more photos of Charlie on Baker’s Instagram at kathleenbaker2.


Dwyer and Baby Blue

Photo Courtesy: Instagram, @conorjdwyer

Dwyer's Dog Biggie

Photo Courtesy: Instagram, @conorjdwyer

3. Baby Blue, Biggie and their bestie, Conor Dwyer.

Dwyer and the swimmers at the 2016 Olympic Trials got to hang out with “ruffly” 30 therapy dogs to help relieve their pre-race jitters. When at home, Dwyer relaxes with Baby Blue and Biggie. Follow their freestyling adventures on Dwyer’s Instagram at conorjdwyer .

Boomer and Legend

Photo Courtesy: Instagram, @m_phelps00

4. Legend and his dad, Michael Phelps.

Legend has taken to his new role as baby wrangler over the last few years. Boomer loves teaching Legend new tricks, like how to high-five. He also loves to spend his days soaking in the sun on the pool deck as he watches Phelps. Follow Boomer, Beckett and Legend’s antics on Phelps’ Instagram account at m_phelps00.



Flickinger and Teagan

Photo Courtesy: Instagram, @haliflickinge

5. Teagan and mom, Hali Flickinger.

Teagan’s playfulness makes her the perfect pet for Flickinger, and the two of them love working out together (at least on land). Teagan is one lucky pup because her mom “absolutely pawsitively loves” her. Check out more pictures of Teagan’s flying adventures at haliflickinger.



Kalisz and Floyd

Photo Courtesy: Instagram, @chasekalisz

6. Floyd and his dad, Chase Kalisz.

Floyd’s smile says it all. He loves to cheer on Kalisz at practice, listen to groovy tunes, walk by the river, and most importantly, snuggle up for afternoon nap time. Follow the adventures of Floyd on his personal Instagram at floydthebulldawg or check out his Dad’s account at chasekalisz.



Ryan Lochte's Dog Carter

Photo Courtesy: Instagram, @ryanlochte

Ryan Lochte and Yeezy

Photo Courtesy: Instagram, @ryanlochte

7. Carter and Yeezy with dad, Ryan Lochte.

No one can deny that Carter loves a good birthday party! Older brother Yeezy enjoys a more laid back lifestyle with plenty of nap time with his dad. Check out more pictures of Lochte, Carter and Yeezy at ryanlochte.

Beisel and Her Dog

Photo Courtesy: Instagram, @ebeisel34

Beisel and Her Dog at the Beach

Photo Courtesy: Instagram, @ebeisel34

8. Bently and Chico with mom, Elizabeth Beisel.

Beisel loves taking her dogs Bentley and Chico to the chilly beaches of Rhode Island in-between practices. The bubbly, backstroker has passed on her love of the water to her fur babies. See more of Beisel, Bentley and Chico’s beach adventures at ebeisel34.

Dressel and Jane

Photo Courtesy: Instagram, @caelebdressel

9. Jane and her dad, Caeleb Dressel.

Dressel’s dog Jane loves helping out at photoshoots and signings! The camera is drawn to that adorable face and Dressel isn’t bad either. Can’t get enough of Jane and Dressel? Check out more drool worthy photos at caelebdressel.


Larson and SteBult

Photo Courtesy: Instagram, @stebult.the.aussie

10. SteBult and mom, Breeja Larson.

Larson named her adventures puppy SteBult after Steve Hultman, one of her coaches from Texas A&M. SteBult would love to show you more about his life on his Instagram at stebult.the.aussie or keep up to date on the pawsitively adorable duo at breejalarson.



Lilly King's Dog Emma

Photo Courtesy: Instagram, @_king_lil

11. Emma and her forever mom, Lilly King.

Emma was all smiles when King’s family adopted her from It Takes a Village Canine Rescue. Want more updates on Emma enjoying her “breast” life at her forever home? Check out King’s Instagram at _king_lil.



Cullen Jones and Vinny

Photo Courtesy: Instagram, @cullenjones

12. Vinny with his dad, Cullen Jones.

Jones agrees that son Vinny should become a professional dog model because his smize is on point. See more pictures of handsome Vinny and his dad (and new mom) at cullenjones.


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