The #1 Training App for Swimmers and Triathletes – Swim Coach


Swim Coach provides you with varied and effective trainings to improve your swimming according to your individual needs.

Many swimmers who do not have the possibility to train in a club know the problem: You decide to do an extensive training session but once in the pool you are unsure how to train. And as since simple lap swimming does not sound very tempting, you only complete half of the planned distance and return home with a bad feeling.


An app called “Swim Coach” now tries to solve this problem: After you open it, a panda coach asks a few questions about the desired swim distance and the training focus. You can choose from technique, breathing, endurance, long distance, strength and speed.

Additionally, many other preferences can be set: What is the length of the pool? How much of each swimming style should be trained? Which swimming equipment is available (e.g. pull buoy, paddles, kickboard)? How many kick exercises should be included in the training?

After a few clicks a varied training session tailored to the user is presented which can be printed and taken to the pool. Owners of a Garmin swim watch can load the training directly to their smartwatch and take it to the pool.

For users who want to plan in the long term, the app is able to create entire training plans, too. While experience swimmers configure the plans according to their personal preferences, beginners have the option to create a plan for a specific goal. Apart from the typical competition swimming distances (e.g. 50, 100 or 200 yards), the app also provides plans for triathletes.

Besides the core functionality – creating motivating and effective swim trainings – the app offers many more practical features. There is a log to track the completed trainings as well as best times. The critical swim speed (CSS) is automatically calculated, too.

The app is available for Android and iOS. More information and download links can be found here: