Teri McKeever Joins Inside With Brett Hawke to Discuss Changes in Sport

Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

Teri McKeever Joins Inside With Brett Hawke to Discuss Changes in Sport

Cal head women’s coach Teri McKeever talked with Brett Hawke about her coaching career in Berkeley and how she has been successful over the years. She went over her early years as a coach at Fresno State and her early years at Cal with Nort Thornton where she learned what her coaching philosophy was and where she asked for help.

McKeever went over what she thinks is a great swimmer (12:30) and what has changed in coaching in the last 15 years (16:00). She went over being a woman in a male-dominated profession and how she sees things differently (22:0o) compared to some of her male counterparts.

Teri McKeever went over how she approaches recruiting (27:00) and what has changed over the years with how recruiting is. McKeever has been coaching for over 25 years and she explained how she has managed to be at the top of her game for so long (32:00). She went over what she has learned from the great athletes that came through Cal over the years like Natalie CoughlinDana Vollmer and Caitlin Leverenz (41:00).

McKeever finished the podcast by explaining what motivates her every day (42:30) to be a better coach, as well as what to expect from Cal at NCAAs (46:00) in six days.

Teri McKeever was the first female head coach of the United States Olympic swim team in 2012 and explained what she thinks it will take to keep more women in the coaching ranks in swimming (51:00).

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