Tech Talk: The Speedo LZR Racer X Suit “Feels Fast”


PHOENIX – SWIMMINGWORLD.TV brings you another episode of Tech Talk devoted to educating consumers on cutting-edge products in aquatics.

In this episode, Tiffany Elias is joined by Kate Wilton, the Senior Director of Merchandising and Design for Speedo to discuss their recently launched technical suit the LZR Racer X.

The LZR Racer X was developed through extensive research. The Speedo Aqualab team carried out extensive 3D scanning of elite athletes all over the world, running computer simulations of athletes’ shape, conducting research and calculations on drag and resistance, and thoroughly testing theories, findings and technologies.

LZR Racer CompreX uses one way stretch technology, stretching vertically, allowing swimmers freedom of movement during their stroke. It is resistant to horizontal stretch providing high compression and reducing drag but increasing the muscles efficiency.
The support seams enhance the link between muscles of the upper and lower body. They connect major muscles of the thigh, back and shoulders. The support seam intersects at the hip bone, allowing rotation, then runs across the lower back with an identifiable ‘X’ shape. The construction of the seams provides feedback to the swimmer, helping to maintain a better position in the water and a high-leg kick.
The suit also features ab activators that Help to promote optimal body position in water.
As a sprinter, it’s all about feel when you race. In the new Speedo Fastskin LZR Racer X, you feel the water, you feel the speed and you feel fast, said Nathan Adrian, three-time Olympic Gold Medalist.

The LZR Racer X is currently available in black with a metallic color strap. More color options will be available in the near future.

To learn more about the Speedo LZR Racer X tech suit, watch this week’s episode

To learn more about the Speedo LZR Racer X tech suit, watch this week’s episode. Tech Talk is a regular show hosted by Tiffany Elias. Each time, Elias will bring a new guest onto the show to discuss important technical features about various training and competition products. The show is designed to inform coaches, athletes and parents as only Swimming World can do!

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