Team Unify Joins Jesse Vassallo In Puerto Rico Relief Help: Teams Helping Teams

Photo Courtesy: Bob Ingram

Want to help the swimming world become stronger? Please take a moment to read this post provided to us by Team Unify.

Our hearts go out to everyone affected and displaced by this unprecedented run of storms this fall. As many of you know, the system of hurricanes that hit the Gulf Coast, the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Florida have had a devastating impact. The loss of houses, pets, personal items and even lives is intangible.

Here at TeamUnify, we have been lucky enough over the past ten plus years to work with swim teams throughout the US and beyond. Because of this, we get to work with dedicated, passionate, and encouraging club owners, administrators and coaches who truly love the swimming community and have decided to help those affected by these natural disasters.

Recently, we started a conversation with Jesse Vassallo, US Olympian and Head Coach of the Pampano Beach Piranhas, that has turned into something more. With teams like Pampano Beach Piranhas, Nitro Swimming, Texas Ford Aquatics, and Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics, who are not only opening their doors to displaced swimmers, but joining in the effort to raise money and even partner up with teams affected. Our goal is to get more teams helping teams, lead by the teams named above.

Here at TeamUnify we are starting a campaign called #TeamsHelpingTeams. A simple way for teams to connect with other teams in need. By adopting a club, your team can take part in raising funds and providing aid to those who have been affected by natural disaster.

To help kick off this campaign, is donating over 700 various swimming products to assist Jesse’s effort to help swimmers and teams in Puerto Rico.

TeamUnify will provide the following:

1. Donating over 800 pieces of warm up gear — sweat shirts, sweat pants, t-shirts and more — to Jesse and he will help get them into the hands of those displaced in Puerto Rico.

2. We are creating an incentive with our fundraising platform, TUMoney. For every percent of funds raised that your team donates from your next fundraiser to any disaster relief fund — The American Red Cross, Americares, Team Rubicon or any other of your choosing — or directly to a swim team in need, we will discount the cost of our system that much. So, if you donate 100% of the fundraising proceeds we will let you use the system for free.*

3. Lastly we are working with any teams displaced by a natural disaster this fall to help them with their license fees.

Adopt a Team

There are teams in Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, Florida Keys, and Houston that could use a partner. A healthy team in the US that could provide encouragement, relationship and most importantly some financial help. Remember, we will help you host the giving platform if you donate your proceeds.

Already, PASA-DKS Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics – Dana Kirk Swimming in Los Altos Hills, California is helping Nadadores Ponce Leones in Ponce Puerto Rico.

Edina Swim Club from Minneapolis, Minnesota is helping the Streamline Swim Club in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Dr. Jose De Jesus (member of the FINA swimming technical committee) is helping to connect US teams to Puerto Rican teams. You can contact him directly at or if you would like to get connected to teams in other locations, please email and we will connect you with another team in our network.

Donate to a Fund

Please help by giving. There are thousands of people in need and every little bit counts. Here are a few places you can help and donate:

Palo Alto Stanford AquaticsDana Kirk Swimming’s Giving Site

Edina Swim Club Fundraiser

Austin Disaster Relief Network

We want to praise Jesse for his commitment to help his home country and hope you join Jesse in this giving opportunity. We are going to start using the hashtag #TeamsHelpingTeams to tag all areas of giving in the swimming world. Please use this hashtag in post any of your giving, pictures of your clubs or anything related in the swimming community.

We know how strong this swimming community is, and we know how much you all care. If you have any questions about #TeamsHelpingTeams, how to donate, getting set up with TeamUnify’s online fundraising platform or if you are a team that was affected by one of these natural disasters, please email or call 541.359.2616 and ask for Andrew Herr.

Here is a video of Jesse’s brother, as he continues to help in the relief efforts throughout Puerto Rico. The swimming world can make a difference and we hope you join us in doing so.


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