SwimmingWorld.TV on Deck at Far Western Championships

MORGAN HILL, California, March 31. SWIMMINGWORLD.TV is back on the road, this time at the largest age-group competition in the United States – the Far Western short course championships!

Garrett McCaffrey and Tiffany Elias will bring you live coverage of all the finals races throughout the four-day meet on swimmingworld.com and swimmingworld.tv. Each finals session will begin about 90 minutes after the conclusion of that day's prelim session, so check back often each afternoon for the start of each broadcast. If you miss any race, we will have it available on-demand on the Far Westerns landing page shortly after the conclusion of the finals. Video interviews and recaps can also be found there.

And if you want to make your swimmer's memories at the Far Western meet last forever, order DVD copies of their races! You can get up to five races on one DVD for just $9.95 (plus shipping and handling).

In the meantime, get a taste of the atmosphere at the meet with this introductory video: