Swimming World Pop Quiz Part II

Column by John Lohn, Swimming World senior writer

BASKING RIDGE, New Jersey, May 9. TWO weeks ago, we offered our readers a 10-question quiz about the sport, with some of the queries focused on pressing issues in the sport today. Well, since the response was strong, we've decided to run a Part II of the pop quiz, with 10 new questions posed to our readership. Let's see what you think.

1) At the 2012 Olympics, Tunisia's Ous Mellouli could be a contender in a pair of first-day events. Yet, he'll have to make a decision which to contest. If you were Mellouli, and considering the competition likely in each event, which would you pick?

A) 400 Individual Medley
B) 400 Freestyle

2) Who will win the 50 freestyle showdown between Cullen Jones and Josh Schneider at next week's Charlotte UltraSwim, thus claiming a berth to this summer's World Championships in Shanghai?

A) Cullen Jones
B) Josh Schneider
C) They'll tie again, and require a swimoff later in the meet (Wouldn't that be crazy?)

3) The women's 400 freestyle at the 2012 United States Olympic Trials should be a dynamite battle. Which two women do you like to earn a spot to the London Games?

A) Katie Hoff
B) Allison Schmitt
C) Chloe Sutton
D) Kate Ziegler
E) Other (Name Her)

4) Who is the best swimmer in the world today to have not won an individual Olympic gold medal?

A) Laszlo Cseh
B) Dara Torres
C) Katie Hoff
D) Sun Yang
E) Other (Name Him/Her)

5) No one can deny the strength of the freestyle sprints for the French men. While Alain Bernard is the reigning Olympic champion in the 100 free, he has work to do just to earn the opportunity to represent his country in London. Which two swimmers will represent the French in the 100 free at the 2012 Games?

A) Alain Bernard
B) Amaury Leveaux
C) Yannick Agnel
D) Fred Bousquet
E) Fabien Gilot
F) William Meynard
G) Jeremy Stravius
H) Other

6) Given the talent level that Dave Salo has assembled at the Trojan Swim Club, how many individual medals will his athletes collect at this summer's World Championships in Shanghai?

A) 0-3 (It won't be a good meet)
B) 4-6 (Solid, but not spectacular)
C) 7-9 (Pretty impressive)
D) 10-plus (Wow!)

7) What name should FINA give to its Open Water Swimmer of the Year Award?

A) Fran Crippen Open Water Swimmer of the Year Award
B) Fran Crippen Open Water Swimmer of the Year Award
C) Fran Crippen Open Water Swimmer of the Year Award
D) Fran Crippen Open Water Swimmer of the Year Award
**This is something that really should happen!

8) Now that Jessica Hardy has officially been cleared to compete in the 2012 Olympics, provided she qualifies, which event is her best chance to medal?

A) 50 Freestyle
B) 100 Freestyle
C) 100 Breaststroke

9) We'll end this quiz with a pair of open-ended questions. The first: With all the comebacks of late, who is the swimmer you would most like to see return to the pool, and why?

10) What is the storyline in the sport that has you most excited heading into the summer?

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