Swimming Team Captains Selected For USA’s 2016 Olympic Team

Photo Courtesy: USA Swimming, Twitter @usaswimming


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USA Swimming has announced the team captains for the 2016 Rio Olympic Swimming Team via their Twitter account. The six captains, three female and three male, are all well-known veterans to the international scene.

Nathan Adrian, Anthony Ervin, and Michael Phelps will lead the men’s team, while Cammile Adams, Elizabeth Beisel, and Allison Schmitt will be captains of the women’s team.

All six captains are returning Olympians with several appearing in a multitude of Games. Phelps, now a five-time Olympian, will be a captain for the first time across his five Games. Ervin, Schmitt, Beisel, and Adrian return for their third Olympic Games, while Adams appears in her second.

Phelps will look to defend his Olympic title in the 100 fly and 200 IM, as well as, gain back his title in the 200 fly after earning silver in 2012. Adrian returns as the champion of the 100 free, with Ervin joining him in the 50 free. Watch for Beisel to be in medal contention for the 400 IM as she looks to join the medal podium for the second Games.

The U.S. team has been training in San Antonio, TX in preparation of the upcoming games with competition beginning on August 6th.


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    Karen Masucci

    Great chooses…

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    What’s the function of the captains?

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      I think all the captains from all the sports choose the flag bearer for opening ceremonies.

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    Clif Cooper

    Emilie Allen

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    John Dussliere

    Outstanding mix of experience, compassion, imagination. Way to go Team USA!!!

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    Leslie Majeau Morin

    Congratulations Elizabeth

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    Lisa Byerley Watters


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    Jenny J Kemp

    Congratulations to the captains!

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    Dana Ricard

    What an honor.

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    Denise Connolly

    Well-deserved. Great swimmers and leaders. GO USA!

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    Dave Nicholson

    Great choices.

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    Jan Mahoney

    Great picks!

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      Daleep Singh


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    Congratulation team USA. Iam a physical therapist in NY and will be on deck in Auquatics Arena to help with anything you need . Looking dorward to assisting such fine athletes ???

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    Susan Dickey

    Congratulations to the captains! Go Team USA!!

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    Tara Decuir Todd

    Way to go, Cammile!

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    Bud MacDonnell

    Way to go Elizabeth!

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    Helena Pastierova

    What’s the function of the captains please?

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      Jeanne Lewis

      Lead, motivate, inspire, communicate, support, just to name a few.

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    Joe King

    Am I the only one who saw this pic and thought…oh no, it’s the Hunger Games?!

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      No, you’re just accustomed to the New American Profile of of 36-48-47

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    cool and congrats to team captains. Good for them. What a great set of representatives for swimming from the US.

    I’m curious. Who picks them and what’s the criteria ? Inquiring minds wanna know. How bout a little ‘reporting,’ swimming world, vs replaying a presser?

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    Hassan Dwidar

    Winners all the way .. Go .. Gooo..USA????????????????????

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    Sherri Boyer Weiland

    Congratulations Elizabeth! We’re rooting for you from NJ. It was a thrill meeting with you at a MoO swim clinic this past season. Certainly a highlight for my 12 yr old daughter Meah! Go Team USA??

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    Lynn Plage

    Congrats to all