Swim Poll of the Week: Should FINA Move the Open Water Olympic Venue as a Safety Backup?


This is the Swim Poll of the Week for Thursday, December 12, 2019, sponsored by Strechcordz Swim Training Products. In our last poll, we wanted to know: Should FINA support calls to move the 2020 Olympic open water marathon from Tokyo to a cooler place as a safety backup?

The Olympic marathon venue has already been moved north of Tokyo because of expected hot temperatures on the day of the race but the open water venue will remain in Tokyo. FINA regulations state that water temperatures for an open water race must not exceed 31 degrees Celsius in temperature, although many consider even that to be too warm. Moving the water race to a cooler location will enhance athlete safety and potentially avoid any disastrous events, something FINA and the rest of the world will want to avoid after the death of Fran Crippen in an open water race in 2010.

We asked and you answered with…

Here are the answers:

Yes (92%)

No (8%)