Swim Ireland Launch ‘Return to Water’ Campaign And Urge Members To Get Back In The Pool

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Photo Courtesy: Swim Ireland

Swim Ireland have released a film to mark the launch of their ‘Return to Water’ campaign which encourages thousands of members nationwide to return to their local swimming pools and clubs.

The coronavirus has cut a swathe across the world and many have – for a myriad reasons – not got back in the water.

While Swim Ireland estimate that roughly 80% of pools have reopened, some people are choosing to stay away and good habits have fallen by the wayside.

One can only think that health of body and mind will surely have been impacted which begs the question of what form the long-term legacy of the coronavirus will take.

Now Swim Ireland are amplifying their ‘Return to Water’ campaign to remind their 20,000-strong membership that all the necessary measures have been put in place so people can go back to a safe environment as well as emphasising the joy of being in a pool.

From the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, Swim Ireland have worked with Government, Sport Ireland, public health officials and aquatic facilities nationwide to develop comprehensive protocols to enable the safe return to pool-based sports including swimming, water polo and diving.

Chairman of Swim Ireland Peter Conway emphasised the physical and mental health benefits of returning to the water as well as it being a life skill for all.

He said in a press release:

“Never before have we faced a period where our swimming pools remained closed and inactive for such a long period of time.

“We are delighted that so many of our facility partners around the country are now in a position to re-open swimming pools and we are encouraging our members to get back into the water, whilst respecting the guidelines in place for their safety, in support of our sport and Swim Ireland.

“Now, more than ever, the support of Swim Ireland members in getting back to the pool is needed to ensure that our sport remains vibrant whilst continuing to grow and develop despite the different challenges we are all facing.

“The aquatic sports be it swimming, diving or water polo are more than just a sport, they are a life skill that can be called upon at any life stage to enjoy competitively or simply as a tool to enhance physical and mental well-being.

“We are really looking forward to reconnecting as a Swim Ireland family not just online but at last back in the water where we all belong.”


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