Swedish Olympian Cathrin Carlzon Saves Two-Year-Old Boy From Drowning

By Rokur Jakupsstovu, Swimming World Scandinavian correspondent

UPPSALA, Sweden, September 19. SWEDISH Olympian Cathrin Carlzon was yesterday’s big hero in Uppsala, Sweden. Yesterday, while jogging in the cold winter night, she ran near a crowd that was in distress. A baby carriage with a fastened two-year-old child onboard had rolled down into the river, and they couldn’t find it.

Carlzon, now named Cathrin Levander, jumped into the water and managed to locate the carriage with her toes a couple of meters below the water surface. With the help of others, the dragged the carriage with baby out of the water where paramedics who had just arrived at the scene started cardiac massage on the boy.

The child is said to have suffered hypothermia, and was brought to a local hospital along with a severely-shocked father. Late last night, the boy was said to be in stable condition but under observation in intensive care.

Police are still investigating the incident, but do not suspect any foul play.

Levander competed in the 2004 Summer Olympics for Sweden as part of the team’s 400-meter freestyle preliminary relay team. Her top international medal is a bronze for Sweden as part of the 2004 European Championship 400 free relay.

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