Steve West Breaks Masters World Record in 200 Breast at Speedo Grand Challenge

Steve West 2012 Olympic Trials
Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

45-year-old Masters swimmer Steve West broke the 200 breast world record for the 45-49 age group at the Speedo Grand Challenge on Sunday morning. The Irvine Novaquatics swimmer swam a 2:22.46 in Irvine on Sunday to break the world record that was a 2:24 held by Russian Vladislav Bragin. West swam the fourth fastest time of the morning behind three Cal Berkeley swimmers. Connor Hoppe (2:20.73), Matt Whittle (2:21.14) and Carson Sand (2:21.42) will join West in the A-final tonight.

West now holds the 40-44 and the 45-49 masters world records in the 200 breast. The 40-44 record stands at 2:18.57 that he set at the 2015 LA Invitational. West also competed at the 2012 Olympic Trials when he was 41, where he placed 62nd. West also finished 7th in the 100 this meet with a 1:05.86. He scratched finals in that race and did not competed in the B-final.


  1. Jo Corben

    Is this a masters meet?

    • Steve West

      USA swimming meet, dual sanctioned.

    • Jo Corben

      Ah ok. Well done, great time!

    • Martin Hlavaty

      Nice job Steve West Do you swim in Budapest?

    • Steve West

      Martin Hlavaty I won’t be able to make it this summer. When my kids are older I’ll start to do the World masters meets

    • Dymphna Morris

      Always interests me how they have different rules in the states. He couldn’t claim that over here as he was not swimming in a Masters event.

    • Louise So

      Pretty sure is has to be a sanctioned masters event.

    • Dymphna Morris

      Louise So Apparently in the States they dual sanction meets because there are not enough Masters Events ? Here in Ireland we can’t do it here because we have one LC Masters event and therefore we have enough. The logic defies me. if you are a 400 IM you have no opportunity at all to swim it LC without leaving the island.

    • Greg Straton

      Dymphna, dual sanction or another LC event is what we need. Now that Derry is no longer on the calendar there is an opening for something in late January.

    • Louise So

      Who’s in charge? Sounds like a simple request! ???

    • Dymphna Morris

      Greg Straton I tried and tried to convince the Masters Committee but without success. They finally conceded to dual sanction the LC National Championships which you could swim in if you made the qualifying times. Then they promptly upped the QTs to make it almost impossible to swim in.

    • Greg Straton

      Was just looking at those QTs, really tough, I squeak in on SC times, its on the 19-23 July, which is a bit close to Budapest, is it still dual sanctioned?

    • Dymphna Morris

      Greg Straton it was agreed that it COULD be dual sanctioned but I don’t think anybody ever requested that it was. At the time when I was looking for this I would have done the QTs in my main events. Not now I’m afrai. You’d have to as the committee

  2. Yasser Shaaban

    Youssef Yasser Shahd Yasser/Marwa Elshenawy

  3. Nicole Bowdle

    Congratulations Steve West!!! Keep kicking ass!

  4. Jim Murff

    Damn Steve. You continue to impress. Congrats. ?

  5. Alex Cheung

    Congratulations Steve West!!

  6. Jan West

    Proud of you Steve. Aunt Jan, Uncle John

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    Mark Perkins


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    Tracey Warner Halama

    Wow, Smoking Fast! Congrats Steve! Go Blue!

  9. Scott Jackson

    Nice swimming, Steve! Cheers dude…

  10. Erika Braun

    Way to go, Steve West ! Love that you’re still swimming ? with the kids!!

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    Cathi Jones Bledsoe286912@

    Congratulations how wonderful.
    Best of luck to you as you continue
    setting new records
    Love, Cathi Jones Bledsoe

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    Congratulations Steve!!! We are so proud of you…and totally not surprised!
    ❤ KÔR