Splashbacks: Dressel Achieves Stardom, Phelps Races a Shark in July-August 2017


It’s been another amazing year of aquatics competition, including an exciting trip to Budapest for the World Championships, and Swimming World had our readers covered every step of the way.  During the next few days, we’ll take a look back in “Splashbacks”, the most read stories of 2017.

Next up on our list for 2017 are the months of July and August, where Caeleb Dresses, Lilly King, and Michael Phelps were among the top names.

1. 5 Things Your Swimming Coach Shouldn’t Be Doing

Another month, another throwback. Swimming World contributor Wayne Goldsmith, a renowned speaker in the swimming community, explains the five things that your swim coach should not be doing for you.

2. FINA Announces Rule Changes for Swimming, Adjustment to Lochte Rule

Following the disqualification of several top athletes at the 2017 Phillips 66 U.S. National Championships, FINA announced a number of technical changes that would go into affect in the fall of 2017. Among the changes was an adjustment to the Lochte rule stating that “In medley swimming, on the freestyle section, the “swimmer must be on the breast except when executing a turn. The swimmer must return to the breast before any kick or stroke”. Moreover, each of the strokes must cover one quarter of the distance.”

3. 23 Thoughts Your Lap Counter Has During the 500

Regardless of a swimmer’s specialization in the sport, each swimmer will inevitably find themselves counting a 500 for a teammate. Swimming World intern, Cassidy Lavigne, counted down the top 23 thoughts swimmers have while counting the 500.

4. The Night Caeleb Dressel Became a Superstar

Caeleb Dressel was pegged to become America’s next top sprinter several years ago, but his breakout moment would not truly arrive until 2017. He did not disappoint, earning himself a total of seven gold medals at the 2017 World Championships in Budapest, along with multiple records.

5. USA Swimming Withdraws Its Four Swimmers from 10K at World University Games

Open water temperatures continued to be a topic throughout the summer of 2017, splashing back into the spotlight when USA Swimming withdrew their four swimmers from the 10K Open Water race at the World University Games in Taipei. The reasons for the withdrawal were high air and water temperatures.

6. 10 Hidden Benefits of Swimming

The benefits of swimming continued to be a highly searched topic in July/August of 2017, returning once again as one of the top ten stories for the second time in 2017. Benefits of the sport include team building skills, social skills, and a growth in confidence.

7. Augie Busch Named Head Coach of University of Arizona Swim Team

A few months after head coach Rick DeMont announced his retirement from the University of Arizona, the Wildcats named Augie Busch to the job. A. Busch, son of former U of A coach and former USA Swimming National Team Director Frank Busch, comes to Arizona from Virginia, where he was the coach of Olympian Leah Smith.

8. Michael Phelps Loses to Great White Shark

One of the most anticipated races of the summer did not happen in a pool, nor was it a FINA or USA Swimming sanctioned event. Instead, this event was sponsored by Shark Week and featured Michael Phelps racing against a simulation of a Great White Shark. Unfortunately for the GOAT, the South African Great White took home the win.

9. The Final Breath: Preventing Hypoxic Blackout 

Hypoxic Blackout is arguably one of the most under-reported accidents within the swimming community. Swimming World intern Kristy Kinzer tackled the sensitive issue with poise and research, so as to help spread awareness of the danger of promoting difficult hypoxic workouts.

10. Lilly King and Yulia Efimova Finger Wagging Again — With a Twist

The rivalry between breaststroke stars Lilly King and Yulia Efimova returned once again – this time to the pool in Budapest, Hungary. The two went head-to-head in both the 50 and 100 breaststroke, but it was specifically the 100 that was on everyone’s mind as spectators remembered the infamous finger-wag from Rio.

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