Spectrum Aquatics Now Exclusive Distributor of AquaClimb Pool Climbing Walls

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Spectrum Aquatics, a PlayCore Company, and AquaClimb have entered an exclusive distribution partnership naming Spectrum the exclusive distributor of AquaClimb products effective immediately.

AquaClimb products include climbing walls, and other poolside amenities that add the “wow factor” and attract visitors of all ages and athletic abilities.  From helping kids build self-esteem, to adult strength training, AquaClimb products expand poolside programming with low-maintenance attractions.

“We are excited out our partnership with AquaClimb, as our values align to bring poolside attractions that invite visitors of all abilities to participate in athletic endeavors,” said Kevin Cobaugh, Spectrum Aquatics Vice President & General Manager.  “It is important to us that we provide superior products and customer service and AquaClimb is the perfect fit.”

AquaClimb Products

AquaClimb Classic:  The classic line offers a modular, customizable design with up to four height options using clear, flat non-contoured polycarbonate panels. Manufactured in the United States with the highest quality and technology, the AquaClimb Classic is installed in thousands of facilities across North America. We want to assist in making your wall the attraction you want. We offer custom colors for the panels and holds, and can put just about any logo or graphic you choose on our safety panel. We want to reinforce your brand and give increased exposure to your sponsors.



The AquaClimb Classic; Photo Courtesy: Spectrum Aquatics



AquaClimb® Classic Plus:  The Classic Plus line provides upgraded features from our Classic line, including an enhanced climbing experience by offering  3D contour panels, replicating a more natural rock climbing experience among other features. The Classic Plus includes aesthetically pleasing translucent panels that allow light to pass through, projecting natural lighting both indoors and outdoors. lifeguards preferred choice, as the translucent feature allows better visibility behind the wall, while also giving the climber privacy from onlookers. We offer fully custom paint schemes, holds, and will put just about any logo or graphic you choose. We want to help reinforce your brand or that of your sponsors. Two standard color choices available – Ice or Glacier.


The AquaClimb Classic Plus; Photo Courtesy: Spectrum Aquatics


AquaClimb® Luxe:  Our premium climbing wall option, the AquaClimb Luxe uses a unique wave-like frame combined with our 3D contour panels. The AquaClimb Luxe offers custom, innovative design for your poolside climbing wall. Each Luxe model is custom designed to accommodate your pool design and match your aesthetics. The Luxe can mount to a concrete pool wall as well as the deck and offers turn-key solutions from concept to installation. Add an elegant element of luxury to your pool with AquaClimb Luxe.

The AquaClimb KURVE climbing wall brings a deep water solo experience to your facility with climbing wall heights reaching nearly 20 feet. The KURVE can allow for multiple climbers depending on the chosen climbing wall width.


AquaClimb Luxe; Photo Courtesy: Spectrum Aquatics


AquaClimb® Sport:  Our elite Sport climbing wall caters to the most daring, challenging participants to climb up to 23 feet. The unique design includes a single panel with a sleek industrial frame. With this design, the climbing wall remains fixed in place once installed for year round enjoyment. We offer models that install either to the pool deck or to a concrete pool wall to free up deck space. Offered in 3 climbing wall heights of 5, 6 or 7 meters for one climber at a time!



AquaClimb Sport; Photo Courtesy: Spectrum Aquatics


AquaZip’N™:  The AquaZip’N™ is an exhilarating poolside attraction, combing the thrill of an adventure zipline with rope swinging. Participants of every age launch into the pool with a big splash! The design of the AquaZip’N allows for clean entry into the water and eliminates swing back through its arching frame. The AquaZip’N has a proprietary self-retracting trolley making it easy to operate and allowing for high-throughput. None of the structure touches water, deck only installation.


AquaZip’N; Photo Courtesy: Spectrum Aquatics

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