Singapore Hosts Second Stage of FINA World Cup

SINGAPORE, October 26. AFTER a strong showing by the South Africans in the initial stage of the FINA World Cup series held in Durban, Singapore gets its turn to host the second stop of the barnstorming show. The Singapore stage of the World Cup takes places Oct. 27-28, and will be televised for free by starting at 5 p.m. Eastern each day. For more information on the schedule, click here.

Randall Bal and Natalie Coughlin will look to maintain their series' leads as both will compete in Singapore. While Bal has not announced his complete schedule, Coughlin already announced on her blog that she will only compete in one more stop after Singapore (Belo Horizonte). She will have to hope that her performances at three out of seven stops are strong enough to keep her in the running for the $100,000 top check.

South Africa's Roland Schoeman will look to make up some ground on Bal's lead as he is scheduled to contend in a variety of events in Singapore. Meanwhile, teammate Gerhard Zandberg, currently second in the standings, will not be in Singapore.

A similar situation occurs on the women's side as Therese Alshammar of Sweden (sitting second overall) is in Singapore, but compatriot Anna-Karin Kammerling (third overall) will not swim in Singapore.

As for overall dominance of the event, look to Australia to grab the lion's share of medals. Compared to Durban, when some final heats might as well have been the South African Short Course Championships, Singapore may feature similar outcomes from the Aussies as they have sent a strong group to compete in the Singapore stage.

Some top names at the Singapore stop are:
Australia: Grant Brits, Ashley Delaney, Robert Hurley, Kenrick Monk, Adam Pine, Kyle Richardson, Ethan Rolff, Hayden Stoeckel
Brazil: Eduardo Deboni, Guilherme Guido, Lucas Salatta
Indonesia: Richard Bera
Russia: Dmitry Komornikov, Evgeny Korotyshkin, Nikolay Skvortsov, Arkady Vyatchanin
Singapore: Jinwen Mark Tan
South Africa: William Diering, Roland Schoeman, Garth Tune
United States: Randall Bal

Australia: Lara Davenport, Sophie Edington, Olivia Halicek, Samantha Hamill, Meagen Nay, Jennifer Reilly, Tayliah Zimmer
Germany: Lisa Vitting
Japan: Maki Mita, Yurie Yano
Singapore: Li Tao
Slovakia: Martina Moravcova
South Africa: Melissa Corfe
Sweden: Therese Alshammar, Cecilia Rasmuson, Sarah Sjostrom
United States: Natalie Coughlin