From Severe Injury to Swimming the Ocean’s 7 – Kim Chambers on The Morning Swim Show

Kim Chambers

PHOENIX – Kim Chambers joins today’s edition of The Morning Swim Show to discuss being only one of six people to complete the Ocean’s 7.

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Kim also discusses how the threat of amputation from a severe leg injury motivated her to begin swimming, her failed attempt at crossing the English Channel and how the North Channel was by far the hardest swim of the seven.

During our interview, Kim gives real insight into the planning, commitment and hardships that go into the completion of the Ocean’s 7 and how some good luck on a couple of the swims was counter-acted by a severe jelly fish encounter on her North Channel attempt.

Kim Chambers is a former classical ballerina and rower at UC Berkeley. In 2013 Kimberley was nominated for the World Open Water Swimming Association Woman of the Year Award.

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