SEC Announces 2021 Swimming Championships Hosted by Missouri, Georgia

Mizzou Aquatic Center; Photo Courtesy: Anna Luckenbach

Details of the 2021 SEC Swimming Championships were announced Wednesday, with the events split over separate meets hosted by the University of Missouri and the University of Georgia.

The diving championships will be held Feb. 17-20 at Missouri’s Mizzou Aquatic Center. That facility will host the men’s swimming championships the following week, from Feb. 23-26.

The women’s swimming championships will be hosted at Georgia’s Gabrielsen Natatorium from Feb. 17-20. It’s the sixth time the SEC Swimming Championships have been hosted by Georgia, which last had hosting duties in 2019.

Both sets of championships allow three weeks before the NCAA Championships, to be held at Greensboro Aquatic Center for both men and women. The women are first, March 17-20, with the men to follow, March 24-27.

The SEC regular season will conclude no later than Jan. 25, with regionalized competition continuing. Many schools have announced their remaining regular-season schedules already, generally releasing them piecemeal through the season.

From the SEC’s release:

The SEC’s Return to Activity and Medical Guidance Task Force continues to meet on policies and procedures for the safe return of student-athletes to competition, building on the NCAA’s Resocialization of College Sports Guidelines.

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