Save Syracuse Swimming and Diving Foundation Earns New York State Not-For-Profit Status

SYRACUSE, New York, March 31. SAVE Syracuse Swimming and Diving Foundation, Ltd. was incorporated on March 21 as a New York State not-for-profit corporation. Its officers include prominent alumni, professionals, and community members at large, who are committed to the Foundation's mission: "To ensure the preservation, development and long-range viability of the tradition of excellence that has been known as the Syracuse University Swimming and Diving Program."

Fittingly, on March 4, the Swimming and Diving program at Syracuse University celebrated its own 98th anniversary.

Since the University's decision on January 15 to grant the requested extension, the Foundation's members have been developing the groundwork to secure support that will ensure the immediate and long-term viability of swimming and diving at Syracuse University.

The Foundation's ultimate goal is to reach an outcome that benefits all, most importantly the student athletes who want to complete their academic and athletic experiences at Syracuse University. The Foundation's specific mission is to preserve swimming and diving at Syracuse in perpetuity.

In addition, the much larger issue involving collegiate athletics as a whole needs to be considered: preserving Olympic sports that – while they do not generate revenue – nonetheless bring academically-minded athletes to universities. These student-athletes ultimately expand a school's professional and academic reputation and become influential alumni in the future.

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