Sarasota Men Set Masters 400 Medley Relay World Record

Photo Courtesy: Rick Walker

By Rick Walker

One World and two National USMS records were set at the Bumpy Jones Classic Long Course Meet held in Sarasota, Florida June 11-12.

The men of the hometown Sarasota Y Sharks Masters 240+ 400 Medley set a new World record of 4:44.34 breaking the old record set by Ventura County Masters of 4:44.58. Swimming for the Sharks were Steve Newman (1:11.56), Bill Brenner (1:20.08), Jack Groselle (1:06.98) and Rick Walker (1:05.72). The Sharks and Ventura have a recent history of trading off World Records and we can add this one to the mix.

Melinda Mann, swimming for Wisconsin Masters Aquatic Club, set a new USMS record for Women 60-64 in the 50 breaststroke with a time of 39.99. The old record of 40.80 was held by Dot Munger of 1776.

The Women of Palm Beach Masters swimming in the 240+ set a new USMS National standard in the 800 Free Relay with a time of 10:49.07. The team of Darcy Lafountain (2:45.44), Fran Hare (2:42.35), Laurie Samuelson (2:45.91) and Chris Wenzel (2:35.37) broke the old record of 11:01.53 set by Gold Coast in 2013.

Full results available on Meet Mobile: “2016 Bumpy Jones Classic”

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Interested Masters Swimmer
7 years ago

What were the splits? Would give everyone a better understanding of how they did it, was there a smoking hot breaststroke leg for instance that helped them over the line?

Interested Masters Swimmer
7 years ago

Thanks, really interesting to see them.