“This lets them know they’re not fighting this alone,” Tom Coughlin said according to Jacksonville.com. “There’s a lot of people rooting for them.”

Murphy, a native of Jacksonville, was training in Berkeley, California for a potential second trip to the Olympic Games where he was aiming to defend his 100 and 200 backstroke gold medals from Rio. The coronavirus has caused the Olympic Games to be pushed back a whole year, but has not stopped the Jay Fund from connecting with young cancer patients.

After the IOC announced their decision, Coughlin reached out to Murphy about connecting with young cancer patients again, to which he did not hesitate.

“He’s a real natural at connecting with people, and the kids loved it,” Keli Coughlin said.

Ryan Murphy talked with one of the young patients about how she’s handling treatment and took time to wish her a happy birthday.

“When all of the quarantine is over, you’re going to have to throw a nice little birthday party,” he said.


The mission of the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund is to help families tackle childhood cancer by providing comprehensive financial, emotional and practical support. From diagnosis to recovery and beyond, we are part of the team, allowing parents to solely focus on their child’s well being. Our goal is to BE THERE for parents facing the unthinkable so they can be there for their families. The organization has a Tax ID of 59-3426937.