Relive May 26 Edition of The Morning Swim Show: American and Masters world records; Strife in Italy; Cesar Cielo Talks About Training in Auburn, Life After Olympics; Dorsey Tierney-Walker on Decision to Coach at Arizona State

PHOENIX, Arizona, May 26. TODAY’S live edition of The Morning Swim Show featured an interview with the reigning Olympic champion in the 50 freestyle and the new head coach of Arizona State University’s swim teams.

In case you missed our live show (airing each weekday at 10:30 a.m. MST), you can watch the video below and learn more about the controversy in Italy regarding the site of the world championships and what suits will be worn at the Italian nationals. Also, host Peter Busch runs down the American and Masters world records set over the weekend. Cesar Cielo joined the show to talk about the reception in his home country of Brazil after the Olympics, where he keeps his Olympic medals and what it’s like to train with the fastest sprinters in the world. (Watch only Cesar Cielo’s interview here.)

Brent Rutemiller talked with Dorsey Tierney-Walker about her new position as head coach of the men’s and women’s swim teams at Arizona State University, what was so special about her visit and what traditions she hopes to bring to the team. (Watch only Dorsey Tierney-Walker’s interview here.)

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