4 Reasons To Be Thankful For Your Swim Parents

Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

4 Reasons To Be Thankful For Your Swim Parents

By Nicole E. Johnson, Swimming World College Intern

Behind all of the hard work and dedication that swimming takes, there are swim parents who have stood by you and pushed you to be your very best. Most athletes would agree that they would not have come as far in their sport if it weren’t for their parents’ support. Although there are endless reasons to appreciate your parents, here are some of the top reasons to be thankful for your swim parents.

1. They drive you to practices and meets.


Photo Courtesy: Annie Grevers

You think that YOU dread morning practice? How about your parents who wake up at the crack of dawn just to drive you to practice and back home. They drive you to practice even on the days you have doubles and they’re always the designated carpool ride for you and your teammates on meet day. Lucky for you, your parents wouldn’t want it any other way. They love seeing your dedication towards your sport and driving you hundreds of miles a week is worth it to them once they see the look on your face after a best time.

2. They win and lose with you.


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After a winning race, you can bet on a huge hug from your parents after you climb out of the water and find them. Even after a losing race, you can still bet on the same thing. Your parents want nothing more than to see you succeed, but even when you don’t, they’re always there for you.

3. They pretend to know about swimming so that you have someone to talk to.


Photo Courtesy: Cathleen Pruden

This has happened plenty of times to me and I’m sure it has happened to others. You get home from an extremely hard practice and want someone else to feel your pain. So who do you talk to? Your parents. They’ll pretend to know how hard it is to swim 10 200s for time in practice just so that you feel a little bit better. Sometimes they’ll get confused about why you just can’t swim the same times in practice that you did in your meet last weekend, but that’s okay. At least they know your times, right?

4. They’re always going to be your biggest fans.


Photo Courtesy: Terren, flickr

You parents are pretty much your biggest fans in life, and therefore your biggest fans in swimming. They’re always going to be the people embarrassing you at the end of your lane while you swim. They’re the ones who will bring you your water and a nutrition bar after warm up so that you’re hydrated and fueled for your race. They’re the ones who will bring you your towel when you’re cold and don’t want to get out of the water. They’re the ones who remind you to drink water and keep warm in between races. They’re the ones who go check your heat and lane when you don’t feel like getting up and checking yourself.

From the day I started swimming up until now, my parents have been my biggest supporters and the people I could always count on. I love being able to make them proud, because in reality, they’re the ones who pushed me to do well. Don’t underestimate how much your parents have done for you! Make sure to thank them for their steadfast support which means a whole lot in a sport as grueling as swimming.


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    chauntal nacaytuna

    Yes….very true….my son 12yo and daugther 8yo swimmers national and international event.

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    James Nickoloff

    All four reasons for gratitude to swimming parents are TRUE in my case. (I do, however, recall how happy they were when I turned sixteen and could drive myself and my teammates to practice.) My father was a professional baseball player and a big sports fan. My mother has been an even bigger sports fan her whole life (now age 96). But neither one of them knew anything about swimming–which saved my life! Still, they DROVE from Los Angeles to Lincoln, Nebraska to watch me swim in the 1966 Long Course Nationals. (I flew with the team.) Forever grateful!

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