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Carmel (Ind.) High School girl’s swimming team dominated during the 2013-14 high school season.  It all started when the Greyhounds won their 28th consecutive state title back in February.  The times turned in there were fast enough for Carmel to be named the overall girl’s national high school champions by Swimming World Magazine for the second straight year-and third in the last four years.  It was also its eighth national public school championship. (See stories, pages 22 and 24).



014 Feelin’It

by Michael J. Stott

Core strength and feel for the water are keys to fast swimming.  Og growing significance-especially for more advanced swimmers-is massage, a hands-on treatment first used by the Chinese more than 3,000 years ago.

022 Road to Success

 by Jeff Commings

When it comes to winning, the Carmel (Ind.) High School girl’s swimming team-winners of Swimming World Magazine’s 2014 Girls’ High School Championships-knows the right path to take.

026 Small-Town School Scores Big

by Jeff Commings

Chesterton, Ind.-a town of a little more than 13,000-is receiving national notoriety as Swimming World Magazine crowned Chesterton High School as the best boys’ high School swimming team in the United States.

032 Who’s No. 1?

by Jeff Commings

If you read this issue of Swimming Wolrd Magazine page by page, you’ll know that Carmel and Chesterton-both high schools from Indiana-were the respective top girls’ and boys’ teams this past season.  But who turned in the top high school performances of the year in each event? Read on…

034 Top 10 Triumphs & Tragedies

by Chuck Warner

Beginning in its April issue and continuing monthly through January 2015, Swimming World Magazine is counting down the top 10 triumphs and tragedies in the history of swimming.  This month:#5 USA Turns Out Olympic Lights.


010 Lessons With The Legends: Don Swartz

by Michael J. Stott

012 Technique: Pull and Kick… It’s All In The Timing

 by Jeff Commings

Many view butterfly as the toughest stroke to master in terms of getting the timing correct for the pull and kick.  No matter age, you’ll have no trouble finding at least a few swimmers struggling to put the two dolphin kicks per stroke in the right place.  The best way to work on this is with one-arm butterfly, progressing to regular butterfly when you feel like the timing has improved.

014 Swimming Technique Misconceptions: The Glide Phase

 by Rod Havriluk

A common swimming technique misconception is that there is a glide phase (or a longer glide phase) when it would be better to generate peopulsion immediately.

027 Chesterton High School’s Favorite Sets

 by Jeff Commings and Kevin Kinel

041 Q&A With Coach Anne Goodman James

 by Michael J. Stott

042 How They Train Jordan DeGayner

by Michael j. Stott


037 Dryside Training: Get Strong…At Home!

 by J.R. Rosania

038 Nutrition: To Carb or not To Carb?

Republished with permission of VeloPress from “Racing Weight Cookbook: Lean, Light Recipes for Athletes”

040 Ask Dr. Shannon

by Shannon McBride

Here are four exercises that can be performed three times a week to strengthen and develop your core.


018 Goldminds: Make Every Day Count

by Wayne Goldsmith

Focus on the top five mental skills to become a more successful swimmer.

045 Up & Comers


008 A Voice for the Sport

046 Gutter Talk

048 Parting Shot