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Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all time (22 medals, 18 gold), returned to international competition sporting a “water beard” during the finals of the 200 meter IM at this summer’s Pan Pacific Championships.  The 29-year-old, who was retired from the sport for nearly two years following the 2012 Olympics, showed that he is fully motivated for success in Rio by collecting three gold and two silver medals, including a victory in the 100 fly.  (See stories, pages 14 and 19).



010 Still Going Strong After All These Years

by Michael J. Stott

Today’s swimmers are competing in the sport much later in life, and consequently, they have adopted different training strategies to accommodate the longer recovery process required by advancing age.

014 2014 Summer Championships: What Did We Learn?

 by Jeff Commings

Although 2014 might be viewed as the only “off year” in swimming’s quadrennial calendar, plenty of noise was made in July and August at three major international competitions.

017 Determind To Defy The Odds

by Jeff Commings

Olympic gold medalist Amy Van Dyken, who severed her spinal cord last July, is focused on her goal of beating paralysis.

019 Top 10 Triumphs & Tragedies

by Chuck Warner

Beginning in its April issue and continuing monthly through January 2015, Swimming World Magazine is counting down the top 10 triumphs and tragedies in the history of swimming.  This month: #4 Michael Phelps Chamges the Sport of Swimming.


008 Technique: Perfecting The Breastroke/Butterfly Turn

 by Jeff Commings

The best swimmers in the world can execute a butterfly or breastroke turn in less than 9-tenths of a second.  The quicker you can transition from touching the wall to planting your feet, the more momentum you carry into the next length of your race.  The hand turn should be executed in as much of a singular motion as possible.  The head, arm torso and legs should work together to get the body around, instead of working in seperate phases.

012 Swimming Technique Misconception: It’s Too Late To Change Technique

 by Rod Havriluk

A common swimming technique misconception is that it’s too late to change technique.  This applies in two situations: 1) too late in a season, and 2) too late in a career.

041 Q&A With Coach Ed Brennan

 by Michael J. Stott

042 How They Train Jeremy Parker

by Michael j. Stott


029 Dryside Training: My 3 New Favorite “Toys”!

 by J.R. Rosania

030 Nutrition: When Is It OK To Be Hungry?

Republished with permission of VeloPress from “Racing Weight Cookbook: Lean, Light Recipes for Athletes”


041 Up & Comers


006 A Voice for the Sport

023 USSSA: All The World’s A Pool

by Casey Barrett

Team USA may be unmatched atop the Olympic podium, but to find the biggest and best swimming schools on earth, it helps to look overseas.

025 Holiday Gift Guide

031 Prep Schools Directory

043 Gutter Talk

045 In Review

046 Parting Shot