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After winning the womens’s 400 IM at this summer’s U.S. Nationals, Elizabeth Beisel, 22, received a hug from her mom, Joanie–a USA Swimming official who presented the awards for the event.  Two weeks later, Elizabeth led a 1-2 USA finish in the medley at the Pan Pacific Championships in Australia.  The 2012 Olympic silver (400 IM) and bronze (200 back) medalist is the second-fastest American in history in the 400 IM and the world’s ninth-fastest performer. (See stories, pages 30 and 44.)



013 Breathtaking!

by Michael J. Stott

Four coaches share their thoughts on optimal breathing patterns for, perhaps, the most exciting race in swimming: the 50 free.

018 2014 Open Water Swimmers of the Year

 by Steven Munatones

The Netherlands’ Sharon van Rouwendaal and the USA’s Andrew Gemmell earned Swimming World Magazine’s honor as its 2014 Open Water Swimmers of the Year.

017 Determind To Defy The Odds

by Jeff Commings

Olympic gold medalist Amy Van Dyken, who severed her spinal cord last July, is focused on her goal of beating paralysis.

020 Open Water: Top Stories of 2014

by Jeff Commings

This Past year witnessed historic English Channel crossings, a changing of the guard at the European Championships and a changing of the venue for the Pan Pacific Championships that saw the United States continue its dominance since 2006.

022 From Sea to Shining Sea

by Jason Marsteller

Pan Pacs 10K champion Andrew Gemmell certainly racked up plenty of frequent flyer miles this summer while competing for Team USA in Australia, then Hawaii, during a three-week period in August.

024 Ocean’s Seven No Problem for Super Six

by Jason Marsteller

Only six swimmers have completed the Ocean’s Seven challenge, a series of long-distance open water adventures around the world that tests one’s endurance and fortitude.

030 She Stands Out From the Crowd

by Jeff Commings

Elizabeth Beisel is full of energy, fun-loving, encouraging, a favorite amoung members of the USA Swimming national team, hard-working, extremely talented… and focused on Olympic gold in 2016 at Rio de Janeiro.

033 Among the Nation’s Best

by Erin Quinn

Marilyn Mangels and John Flanagan–veteran coaches at the Tysons Corner site (Va.) of the Nation’a Capital Swim Club–know what it takes to help their swimmers contiually produce stellar performances.

036 Top 10 Triumphs & Tragedies

by Chuck Warner

Beginning in its April issue and continuing monthly through February  2015, Swimming World Magazine is counting down the top 10 triumphs and tragedies in the history of swimming.  This month:#3 World War ii of Sacrifice and Honor Slows the Advance of Swimming.


010 Lessons With the Legends: Bob Steele

 by Michael Stott

012 Technique: Recovering From a Missed Turn

by Jeff Commings and Graham Bodner

Every swimmer has botched a freestyle or backstroke turn in his or her swimming career.  One reason is because every pool is different.  Swimming World asked Graham Bodner to share his thoughts on what swimmers should do if they don’t execute their flip turns accurately.

016 Swimming Technique Misconception: The Anchor Concept in Swimming

 by Rod Havriluk

A common swimming technique misconception is that the arm “anchors” at the beginning of the pull. An “anchored” arm implies a non-moving object to assist the pull, which can delay the beginning of force generated and inaccurately depict arm motion.

035 Coach John Flanagan’s Favorite Sets

 by Jeff Commings and John Flanagan

041 Q&A With Coach Ned Skinner

by Michael j. Stott

042 How They Train Collin Higgins

by Michael Stott


029 Dryside Training: Connecting the Extremities for Better swimming

 by J.R. Rosania


045 Up & Comers


008 A Voice for the Sport

026 Holiday Gift Guide

046 Gutter Talk

048 Parting Shot