Swimming Technique July – September 2004 Issue


This issue of Swimming Technique features July through September of 2004. Features include a straight-arm freestyle demonstration by Michael Klim, tips for balanced training, freestyle techniques, and butterfly breathing.

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Swimming Technique October-December 2004 Issue


4 Editor’s Note – Straight Talk: A Chat with Coach Paul Bergen
By Phillip Whitten

6 Windmill Revolution
By Bill Volckening
Although not widely used in previous years, the recent wave of sprinters using straight-arm freestyle has triggered a philo-sophical rethinking of the technique.

10 Benefits of Balanced Training
By Josh Jeffrey
Distance-based training, race-pace sets and kicking are important ingredients in a successful swimming program.

12 Unorthodox Training
By Tito Morales
In an attempt to revolutionize swimming, Gary Hall Jr. formed The Race Club not only to prepare swimmers for the Olympic Games in Athens, but to create bigger and better opportunities for the next generation.

16 USSA: Learn to Swim the Swimplicity Way

19 Completing the Puzzle
By Kevin Milak
There’s more to swim training than just swimming. Many coaches believe that an age-specific dryland program should be a vital part of every swim team’s training schedule.

23 Breathing Room
By Michael J. Stott
Butterfly breathing is an individual proposition. There are a number of different breathing patterns from which to choose.The list seems endless. Which is best for you?

30 Tech Tips: Hide Your Breath
Demonstrated By Scott Tucker