Swimming Technique October-December 2004 Issue


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Swimming Technique October-December 2004 Issue


4 A Chat with Coach Bill Rose
By Phillip Whitten

6 Fastest in History
By John Lohn
In his rise to the top of the breaststroke, world record holder Brendan Hansen has nailed down a near-perfect routine: he busts it in the pool, he goes hard in the weight room, and, mentally, he pushes himself to the max, continually drawing on his desire to better himself.

10 The Return of the Great American Miler
By Tito Morales
Larsen Jensen’s American record, silver medal performance of 14:45.29 in the 1500 at Athens was the culmination of many months of careful planning and highly-focused training.

16 Creating a Successful High School Season
By Kari Lydersen
Coaches at The Bolles School, Lake Forest High School and the Mercersburg Academy tell how they shape their high school season and workouts.

22 United States Swim School Association

24 Butterfly Breakout
By Glenn Mills
Coaches should encourage their swimmers to be streamlined and patient after they dive in at the start. Once they find the right depth to start the first stroke, swimmers should skim forward into the breakout rather than blast up and out into the first stroke.

26 In Review: Auburn Swimming Faster – Videos

30 TECH Tips – Freestyle: The Catch
By Glenn Mills