Swimming Technique April – June 2003 Issue


This issue of Swimming Technique covers April through June of 2003, featuring Natalie Coughlin. Pick up tips for speed, rhythm, momentum, and graceful movement in the pool.

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Swimming Technique April – June 2003 Issue


4 Editor’s Note: What Makes Natalie So Good?
by Phillip Whitten

5 Beneath the Surface: The Right Stuff
by George Block

7 Training Natalie Coughlin: Speed Racer
By Teri McKeever with Michael J. Stott
The Teri McKeever/Natalie Coughlin combo has proven to be a potent partnership for both Cal-Berkeley as well as USA Swimming.

11 Hidden Factors in Freestyle Swimming
By Cecil Colwin
The mobility of the shoulder girdle, combined with the timing of the arms, plays an important role in rhythm and momentum.

18 “Check Mark” Push-off Technique
By Michael Collins
The best underwater kickers in backstroke and butterfly go deep early, then come up at a gradual angle, similar to the appearance of a check mark.

22 Unified Fitness
By John Lohn
The University of Virginia has adopted unified Fitness into its dryland training program with notable success. It is a variation of Tai Chi, involving the graceful movements of martial arts, and has fostered an inner tranquility within the Cavalier swimmers.

29 The Last Lap: Survivor Swimming
by Scott Rabalais