Swimming Technique October 1999



Table of Contents


  • Pace Lights and Swim Performance : Swimmers can train more efficiently and attain better results in competition when using an underwater pacing light system. By Budd Termin, Dave Pendergast, John Zaharkin and Michael Zaharkin … 18


  • Peak Performance by Using a Pulse Oximeter : A pulse oximeter is a biofeedback mechanism used to improve swimming performance. By John Hendy, D.D.S. … 21


  • Six Steps to Greatness : There are six factors that are crucial to swimming effectively: long strokes, fast strokes, great skills, excellent technique and the ability to maintain these factors when fatigued and when under pressure. By Wayne Goldsmith … 24


  • TECH Tips: A New Backstroke Revolution? : While the use of a dolphin kick during backstroke has been limited almost exclusively to underwater work off of the start and turns, there is emerging evidence that swimming backstroke with a dolphin kick may be faster than using a flutter kick. By Scott Rabalais … 28