Swimming Technique October-December 2003 Issue


This issue of Swimming Technique features October through December of 2003. Find out how butterfly World Record holder Pieter van den Hoogenband trains, some butterfly drills for kids, and the key to Michael Phelps’ speed.

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Swimming Technique October-December 2003 Issue


4 Editor’s Note
By Phillip Whitten
Training Technique-All the Time: A Chat with Coach Bob Bowman

6 Training Pieter van den Hoogenband: Preparing for Athens
By Oene Rusticus
With just one year before the next Olympiad, Swimming Technique spoke with Pieter van den Hoogenband’s coach, Jacco Verhaeren-as well as Pieter, himself-to discuss the Olympic gold medalist’s preparations for Athens.

12 Learn from the Olympians: Michael Phelp’s Head Position
By Cecil Colwin
Michael Phelps’ excellent balance and streamlining are largely the result of his controlled head position. Leading swimmers, such as Michael, keep the head well down and do not lift it at any stage–even when turning it to inhale or on approaching the turn or finish.

By Liesl (Kolbisen) Taner and Anya Kolbisen
From Wiggle-Butts to Butterfly

18 Butterfly Drills
By Ugur Taner
Performing drills that focus on breathing, timing and acceleration can help a swimmer grasp the finer points of swimming butterfly.

20 In Review: ”Winning Swimming Video Series” by Richard Quick
Review by Michael Collins

21 Soaring with the (War) Eagle
By Michael J. Stott
Auburn’s sprint program relies on skill development, aerobic fitness and athleticism, meaning that team emphasis and structure are based on Olympic preparation.

24 The Best of Swimming Technique – Express to Success: A Medicine Ball Training Program
By Mike Barrowman

30 Tech Tips