Swimming Technique November 1994



Table of Contents


  • Welcome To Hell Week In ParadiseBy Brent Rutemiller. It’s the holiday training season and squads from everywhere are working hard … 10


  • International Eye : Training Vacations – By Russ Ewald. Looking for a place to take your team? Well, try one of these popular locations … 11


  • College Holiday Training By Brent Rutemiller. Traveling and team building are part of the agenda at the university level … 16


  • Club Holidays By Brent Rutemiller. “Hell Weeks” are still the dreaded words head from club swimmers … 19


  • High School Training By Brady Bingham. High Schools may not be able to travel but they will work hard just the same … 21


  • Year-Round “Hell” By Brady Bingham. The newly formed USS resident team will be worked hard all year … 25


  • Streamline: The ICAR Report – Grub for Goal Achievement By Jackie Berning, M.S., R.D. Simplify your swimmer’s eating schedule to achieve better results in the pool … 27



  • From the Keys
  • Beneath the Surface – World Championship Diary By George Block
  • Natatorial – Exercise in Cold Weather Gatorade Sports Science Exchange
  • Off the Blocks – A Sport in Transition By Cecil Colwin
  • Questionnaire