Swimming Technique July – September 2003 Issue


This issue of Swimming Technique covers July through September of 2003.

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Swimming Technique July – September 2003 Issue


4 Editor’s Note
by Phillip Whitten
How Important Is Technique?: A Chat with Coach Dave Marsh

6 In Review: “Swimming Fastest” by Ernie Maglischo
Review by David Pyne

8 Standing Tall
By Ed Odeven
Although short in stature, Japan’s Kosuke Kitajima-blessed with extraordinary technique-is a giant among breaststrokers.

14 Kicking Phenomenon
By John Lohn
Kick-based training is a development that has enabled athletes with shoulder difficulties to maintain their training without forfeiting success.

18 Building the Foundation
By Johnny Johnson
A solid foundation built on balance control leads to much easier mastery of the four competitive strokes.

20 Spotlight on Molly Houlton
By Rorie Fink
This is a story about the making of a national age group champion-Molly Houlton of Tucson Ford, who shattered the 13-14 NAG record in the 400 yard IM, dropping more than 1 .5 seconds off Natalie Coughlin’s previous mark set five years ago.

25 The Lowdown on Hypoxic Training
By Kevin Milak
Hypoxic (low oxygen) training has significant value in helping swimmers learn to keep their stroke smooth and stable in the face of anxiety and physiological adversity.