SWIM Magazine March 2002


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When Your Heart Beats to a Different Drummer

By Jody Welborn. Atrial fibrillation is the most common heart rhythm abnormality treated by physicians. If you ever experience an erratic heart beat, shortness of breath or dizziness, ask your physician about it, and find out about possible treatments.


Born Free

By Bill Bell. Although she wouldn’t admit it at first, 45 -year -old Masters swimmer Gail Rice was born to swim. She loves the open water plus the challenge of competition, and has developed into one of the most formidable and successful open water swimmers in the world.


Swimming in Paradise: The Bonaire Eco-Swim

By Phillip Whitten. Bonaire, a little island nestled just off the Venezuelan coast, played host to the first ever Bonaire Eco-Swim, a delight for all who attended.


Martinique’s Marvelous Marathon Master

By Susan Chaplin. French Masters swimmer Jacques Sicot is a pioneer distance and channel swimmer, whose achievements and name are legend on Martinique, one of six sovereign windward islands in the Caribbean.