SWIM Magazine July 1998


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Just Add Water


Minding Masters


Health Waves


Swim for Fitness


Open Water Safety

Tips for New Swimmers by Dan Gray.


YMCA Nationals


Working Out

What About Feel? by Troy Dalbey.

Coaching the Coachless Swimmer by Michael Voelker.


Catch the Wave!

by Tom Denes


SWIM Shopper




Master Speak




Water Works Wonders

By Scott Rabalais. Feel stressed out in an over stressed world? Practice the art of relaxation, and you’ll discover that your stress level can be significantly reduced and nearly eliminated.


Suits Slicker than Skin

By Julie Walsh. Looking for a way to shave a couple tenths off your 100 PR or seconds off your 1500…without spending any additional time training? New high-tech competition suits may help you do just that.


Racing in the Indy 500…

By Susan Ludwig. Indianapolis played the perfect host to a fast Masters Short Course National Championships that saw 87 USMS records.


Sports Bars: Portable Energy

By Cindy H. Carroll, M.S., R.D. There is a wide variety of sports bars available to Masters swimmers, but do they really help your athletic performance or are they just glorified candy bars loaded with empty calories? SWIM has the answers.